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Agree on the things that you consider important

Husband likes soccer. ~ Wife can not hold watching soccer.
Husband likes motocross racing. ~ Wife to be a headache due to noise.
Wife likes to watch a romantic movie. ~ Husband more choose to die rather than watch a romantic movie.
Wife likes hiking (mountain climbing). ~ Husband pretended a backache every time invited hiking.

In every marriage, you will find that every couple has differences. Differences between husband and wife is a "spice" that makes marriage seem interesting. Imagine if you are married to someone who is exactly like you... you surely will quickly get bored. After all, if you are the only person you need and for what married? One of the reasons why people get married is to bring thoughts and ideas of others into our lives. This means that in some cases, you'll mutual compromise, and in some cases, you will agree to disagree with one another about something.

Smile marriage

It is normal to find things that you do not agree upon. But what must be remembered is important that you both agree and one idea on the things that matter most in your life. If religion is important to you, you must support each other in performing your religious orders. This does not mean that you should both come from the same religion (although it should be so), but rather that you should allow your partner to worship according to her confidence and encourage him, perform her religious order. In terms of raising children, the ideal you both must be aligned. You have to talk together about how to spend money. You have to reach agreement on future goals and what you want out of life.

If you both can talk to each other openly, honestly and share your feelings about important issues in your life, and really hear what your partner say to you, then the marriage will be a blessing in your life. Later, if you can reach an agreement on the things that are most important to you, you will have more peace and harmony in your home.

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