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A muse on marriage

~ A muse on marriage ~
Why do people get married?
Because they fall in love.

Why household then happy?
Is it because fall in love?
No, it is not. But since they kept getting up love. Falling in love is easy, 10 minutes only can also be fall in love. But love is hard to get up, it takes a lifetime.

Why fall in love easily?
Because at that time, we are blind, deaf and dumb to the ugliness of our partner.
But when entering the marriage, there was nothing that could be covered again. With the interaction of 24 hours per day 7 days a week, all striped revealed ...
Here lies the difference between falling in love and getting up love. Falling in love in a situation of like. But the getting up love necessary in the circumstances annoyance. In a circumstances annoyance, love is no longer tangible arms, but rather in the form of good faith understand the conflict and work together to find solutions that are acceptable to all parties. Mature love does not keep their emotions have been expressed, although there are a few things sensitive to be disclosed as financial problems, parent and families or problems sex...
But as sensitive any problems that need to be discussed so that the aggravation did not go on.
The prerequisite for the success of the discussion is that we can each take into account feeling. If a husband and wife own feelings for one another, they will hurt each other. If allowed to go on, they can mutually hostile and household has changed not heaven again but hell.

A muse

Is this condition can be improved?
Of course, it can. while each party considering their initial commitments first, whether first want to find a life partner or an enemy alive.

If it looking for a life partner why now even hostile?
Finding a life partner is indeed starting to fall in love. But afterwards, the largest portion is build love. Means mature love so that both parties can correct each other, negotiate, respect, tolerance, supporting, loyal, listen, understand, succumbing and responsible.
Want to have a life partner? Fall in love. But after that build your true love.

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