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4 Reasons for immediate remove the status of single

Currently, many people are choosing to alone or single for many reasons. One of them was to pursue a career. However, according to psychologists, living alone in a long period of time, actually is not good for mental health.

Indeed, a relationship is definite must be lived with effort and partner often experience a difficult time. But this does not mean that you have to choose to be single forever. The romantic relationship also can provide a sense of happiness, though sometimes can also cause pain. If you would like being single for a long time, you should consider the following reasons as reported by Boldsky.

  1. Loneliness can lead to depression => Alone in a long time can lead to depression, researchers said. When a person feels lonely and alone, no one that pay attention and did not feel the love, the negative feeling will gradually accumulate and cause depression which sometimes do not even realize.
  2. You need friends => when growing older age, you will realize the importance of having a life partner. The human can not live alone without feeling lonely. The partner will be the one to accompany you in old age, help whatever you need. You also require a partner to have children that can keep you in old age.
  3. Share the happiness => sharing happiness will make a person feel happier. But when you do not have a special someone to share happiness, of course, this is an unfortunate thing.
  4. Regret => When in your youth still very busy pursuing a career and not think about a life partner, lest you regret it when your age have started to grow and there is no more chance of finding a partner. When it was too late, you are likely to regret in old age because they do not have a special someone to share life.

Tips for remove the status of single

If you are a single, here are 6 tips that you can try in order to immediately remove the single of you:
  1. Enjoy the solitude. It is reasonable if you want to be alone occasionally. you can use you solitude time, to treat the body, reflection, introspection or fix yourself.
  2. Accept the current situation of the single and positively so that the status of you solitude was not a burden.
  3. Give the portion of time to get together with a large family, so you do not feel lonely and a growing sense of togetherness.
  4. Looking for a hobby. Join a community, club or organization. Perform a variety of activities to fill the time, so you can enjoy your life and become acquainted with many people who are willing to share a hobby or interest with you. If necessary, invite others to join in the activities that you have planned.
  5. Extend the association. Expand your friends and learn their characters are different. Let people know who you are and try to identify others. Thus, your chances of getting a partner may be larger.
  6. Open your heart with the opposite sex. Truly, everyone with the status of single would want to have a life partner. But they have not found the right person. One thing to remember is that no one in this world is perfect. Could be, the right person for you is actually there in front of your eyes, but you do not realize it.

Those are some reasons why you should not choose to live alone and being single for too long. Too long alone could affect your mental health.

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