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7 Powerful ways express love without saying "I Love You"

Once upon a time... You meet someone special and soon fill your head is filled by her. You want to say that you fall in love with her. But…

Falling in love is a wonderful feeling, but not everyone has the courage to express these three magic words. Express love is also not as simple as the word "love" itself. But not to worry, there are seven powerful ways following which you can take to express love without saying 'I Love You'!

Good listener

1. Be sweet every time

This does not just give flower or chocolate, but how to express feeling through "codes." You could give a special unique nickname for her and be just you the only one who mentioned it in front of her and in front of her friends. When walking together, you can allow her to choose a movie to watch that day or let her eat the last piece of pizza which you eat.

2. Empathy

Giving empathy will make her warmer than just a hug because empathy is very close to the meaning of "love." Empathy involves deeper emotion, where we are trying to get into the mind of others and think from her perspective. It is a way of responding to the unspoken desires of someone we love.

3. Always share

By sharing, meaning that you always remember her, even more, priority to her than yourself. You want to share with her as happy as you are. Many things that you can share, not just food, but also the event and memories. In the era of social media, the most simple are that you can to tag her, and sharing of information she might need. This blog encourages people to share information on social media.

4. Focus on the little things

Sometimes we think too much about the big things that overlook the little things that would make love more blazing fire. See her eye when she spoke, and do not cut the sentence before she finished speaking. This will make it increasingly feel shivers romance that you send. Even a simple sentence like 'Your perfume its fragrance so good, I love it' will be the perfect catalyst for a splash of romance to your target.

5. When she is tired, let her fall asleep

Maybe you already planned from long ago to be just you and with her, but on the day that has been long-awaited, she looked tired and sleepy. She fell asleep, and you let it, it is a way to express the love that will make anyone melt. Do not forget to pair the blanket, so she sleeps more soundly.

6. Give attention to the things that make her worry

We, of course, have their own problems, but when we worry about other people, it is an expression of love that touch. Continue with her in hard times, will open the eyes that you love her with all your heart. If she wants to be alone, you need to let it go. But make sure you assured her that you will always be there for her, whenever she was ready to open herself.

7. Be a good listener

Some say love means listening. Indeed, love involves all the senses, including the ear. Being a good listener make you find a gap to be filled with love. You will know the things she likes, and the less preferred. The gesture is also important. When listening to make sure you move closer to her and to devote attention to her.

Love is…

There is who like to hold hand and maybe occasionally squeezed tight to the hand of a loved one when tandem. Here, you also need to realize that every time she squeezes your hand, she actually is trying to say 'I love you' in a calm manner and simple. The final word, I hope this information is useful to you.

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