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She said that she did not love me anymore. What should I do?

Is your girlfriend recently said that she questioned her feelings for you? She may say that she is not in love with you again. If you answered "Yes", you must have at this time feel hurt and confused. If you feel that your girlfriend will soon ask for break up, please you look at some of the questions that people often ask when are experiencing this situation.

Q: My girlfriend and I are still together, but lately she say that she does not love me anymore. What does this mean for our relationship?

A: To be honest, this means that she is 99% no longer love you. If you currently and she is still together, then this may be just because she wants to maintain comfort or do not want to be called single. She may remain with you because she is yet to find a man to replace you. If you want to maintain a relationship, then you have to be firm and tell her what you think. Just break up your girlfriend and let her live with her decision. Do not be surprised if she was sorry and wanted to date back to you.

Q: My girlfriend and I broke up a week ago. She say that she still loves me. I tried to continue the relationship but she was angry and said that she does not love me anymore. What exactly does this mean?

She doesn't love me

A: She may say that she love you just so you do not feel too hurt. But when you for example too quickly contact your ex again, she would be angry and eventually admits that she does not love you anymore so you stop bothering her. But one thing you need to consider is that she may be experiencing a real problem has nothing to do with you, but you are subject to the impact. If she does not act too "cool" to you, there is still the possibility of you and she can "connect" again. Try to stop thinking about her for a month and focus on yourself. She will begin to miss you and think that you withdraw from it. Relax .. she will contact you again.

Q: What should I do if my girlfriend told me that she did not love me anymore but I still love her very much and want to keep dating with her?

A: We suggest you start by using the 'rule break contact'. This method will not only make her miss but also provide the time you need to control your emotion. Having not seen each other for a long time, you will feel calmer and more rational when you meet each other and will be much more willing to resolve the issue. Calm and do not be too hasty in living relationship. Just enjoy the dating process and let you both know each other more distant from each other.

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