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5 simple things to be a good friend

A good friend is one who is always with us either when happy or sad, that can be relied and ready to help each other. But there are times when we are in a condition that does not allow, even though our friends are sad and need help. Of course there is guilt on yourself, therefore, try these five ways so that you can still help him.

1) Call or reply to the message.
No matter how busy you are, try to remain to be the “first” to know current condition about him. By hearing the voice or message, you can be of support in order to feel more attention and be quiet.

2) Grasp the hand and hug him.
Set a time to meet him as soon as possible. When it met, sometime we find that our friend is in trouble which we did not know how to handle it. Instead of overreacting, after listening to the pouring his/her heart, grasp the hand of your best friend then hug him tightly. That's because sometime a person who is in trouble just need a place to be lean back for a moment.

Good friend

3) Give stuff or something that is became his/her favorite.
Quite often your best friend may be upset and was so frantic, so that forget to keep it fun himself. It's time to pleasure him by giving stuff or an activity that he/she liked. You can give chocolate, doll or other things which are his/her favorite.

4) Ensure condition.
When you are too busy or was not anywhere near him, you can ask for news or current condition about him by calling or sending messages several times a day. Do not need much, which is important to make sure that he/she was okay.

5) Inviting him doing positive things.
After doing four things above, then it is time you switch sadness or problems that happened yesterday. Can watch together, eat together or comment on something that is trending in social media. As a good friend, then also invite your friends wherever they are to disseminate this article.

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