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4 Ways to make your husband stay interested in you

How can I make my husband was still interested in me? This question is one of the most frequently asked question in a marriage counseling session. Indeed, there is no marriage that always runs smoothly. There must be problems. Especially with the amount of stress in our daily lives, we often neglect our marriage and spouse. One thing we have to believe is that in order for our marriage healthy and happy, it takes cooperation between husband and wife. Both parties must be willing to try to make happy their spouse. So how can you make a husband can stay interested and make sure that your husband feel happy in your marriage?

1) Respect
Without respect, there is no happy marriage. Our society has changed greatly in the last 30 years and the empowerment of women is very prevalent in modern times. On the other hand, more and more men are allowed to show their sensitive side. Lest you destroy your husband's ego. Never criticism of him in front of others and do not lower the dignity in front of your child. If you do not agree with it, try to do it when no one else.

If your husband is a quiet man, he probably will only react with self-pity. But if your husband is a man who is aggressive, he will not let you insult him and consequently your wedding can quickly become a war zone where quarrels and fights became a weapon you both.

Prior to hurt your spouse, try to remind yourself of all the good things your husband so that arguments can be prevented. You need to remember is that continuously nag is other form of your disrespect to your husband. For example, if your husband is struggling to find a job, do not even grumbled about the lack of spending money, but help him to find a job.

Husband & wife

2) Appreciate
Learn to accept him as it is, with all the characteristics and interests are unique. After the wedding ring is installed at their fingertips, many women are trying to turn their husbands into someone they think is 'better'. Why did you marry him if you were not so fond of his personality? Do you want your husband to change yourself and fix things that are regarded as imperfections of your character?

Do not focus on the shortcoming and mistake, but focus on the positive things that exist in your husband. If he does not do housework with appropriate standard, you have to appreciate that he is willing to help you and may have been trying to do it as best as he can.

3) Give him space to do personal things
In a healthy marriage, the couple give each other space to each other. Although this may be easier said than done, you have to get used to her husband to give up spending time with his friends without you. When he came out and have fun with their friends, do not constantly call. Let him enjoy his time.

4) Do not ignore your sex life
Sex play is an important role in your wedding. Sex help to keep you connected with your spouse. Do not be afraid to speak about sex with your husband for a much needed sex life in marriage. Telling each other what your boundaries and what you like. Try to be adventurous, do not dwell on boring routine. Try the fun by wearing sexy lingerie, try a different location or position in sexual intercourse and play adult games.

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