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Your spouse is a liar? Until when you have to maintain her?

Deceived by someone who you love and you feel believable certainly make you hurt and frustration. But because you love your spouse, so you forgive her the first time she lied, or even the second and third as well. You may not realize that your spouse is a liar. However, because you love her, too deep, it is not easy for you to escape, even though you know that it might be better to decide. You survive, in the hope that she will change and not will lie to you again. You convince yourself to stick with it by telling herself that she was a good woman and in your heart, you know that she love you. You also try to convince yourself that your relationship is beautiful and perfect - except when she is lying.

Girl liar

One thing you need to ask yourself when this happen is: Do you still think your relationship is wonderful though your spouse often lies to you? What for you that her lie is a part of the love and respect of she to you? When you are emotionally involved with someone, it is not always easy to ask and answer these questions logically. You even often compose yourself reasons why she is lying, just to make yourself feel better once you decide to stay in a relationship with someone who does not really respect you. When your spouse is lying to you, it means that she does not respect you and do not have a strong commitment to your relationship. Of course, there are various types of lies. There is a big lie, and there is also a small lie, but a lie is still a lie, no matter the size or the reason of that lies.

Let you see from this angle: if your spouse can lie so easy for little things, where actually she did not need to lie. Then you should be suspicious that she was going to lie to you about things bigger that might damage the relationship between you both.

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