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Love VS Financial Problem

Money is not everything, but still we need the money. We need money not just to survive, but also so that we can enjoy life and have fun with the people that we love. We also need money to pursue our dreams and making it a reality.

When we are experiencing financial problem, such as being in debt, your relationship is also inevitably be affected, no matter how in love you both with each other. This occur because when the change of life that is comfortable being uncomfortable living make anyone stressed and impatient. When patience is lost, we become easily annoyed with each other and tend to help each other due to fears in our mind.

Can financial problem destructive love affair? The answer is: Yes can... but not a must!

The global economic crisis affects many people, and you could be affected by this crisis, sooner or later. When it happen, naturally, if you and your spouse feel worried and stressed. All you need to do both is to do everything to prevent both blaming each other. Should work together to improve your financial condition. Although it is not fun, you both may need to make lifestyle change that you can survive until the storm passed the crisis. These include reducing the expenditure to purchase unnecessary item and to have fun.

Love vs money

Looking for what romantic things you can do both but it does not cost too much. Maintaining spark the flame of love is very important in difficult situation, because it do not let financial problem prevent you both to revive a sense of love. Face your financial problem together, but do not forget your love life. Try to do a "cheap date". For example, you can specify a particular evening as a "movie night". Rent some movies to watch while cuddling on the couch with some sweet snacks. You can also cook a romantic dinner at home. There are many things you can do. The bottom line is you still pay attention to your relationship and do not get immersed in your financial worries. There is a time to look for money and there is time to enjoy your relationship. You do not have to hold your passion with one another, since you both can deal with it together as a loving couple.

The things to remember are:
  • Remember how you felt to fall in love with each other when it was first invented, and the things that make you fall in love
  • Remember how you both support each other when things go smoothly. In difficult circumstance, you both should also be mutually supportive.
  • Remember that a healthy relationship require the cooperation of both parties. The key is to work together!
  • Be partner is open and could hear each other, even though you feel less agree with his opinion. Your financial problem can not be solved if both of you do not care about each other and blaming each other.
  • Solve your financial problem together and develop a detailed plan for doing so.

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