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What is depression marriage and what caused it?

Marriage is considered the most special event in anyone's life. But even though the wedding is a special moment, the fact that many people who suffer from depression marriage soon after the wedding and the honeymoon lasts. Although this is common, depression in marriage is still something that is not understood or recognized by most people.

So what is depression marriage and what caused it? Although depression marriage can occur for many reasons, one of the most common reasons, namely disorganization. This means that most couple do not regulate what will happen after the wedding and honeymoon. Both men and women can suffer from depression marriage, but is more common in women, because women have a stronger willingness to make them perfect wedding experience overall. Since the beginning of their relationship, women have a tendency to begin to create a world of fantasy in their mind about how they want to live forever with their spouse. This fantasy they plan to do with so detailed and carefully, so that their subconscious fantasy regard it as a reality, which eventually led them to the depression of marriage.

Depression marriage

When we think of marriage, most of us will think about the type of wedding celebration we want and where we want to honeymoon. Usually the idea of ​​marriage stop here, which is why then are many married couple who experienced disappointment. Although some couples may have passed through many years of courtship before deciding to get married, it still requires a lot of planning wedding, cooperation and setting many things. One of the fantasies that you should remove from your head is that your wedding will be a romantic date where all things will always go smoothly without any problems. Wedding can indeed be a very beautiful thing, but marriage also bring challenge and obstacle. The truth is that, like it or not, your marriage will not work perfectly all the time. There will be times when you and your spouse have different opinion and facing a very difficult challenge.

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