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9 Ways to end relationship with a sweetheart

There are many ways that you can do to break up your sweetheart. Whichever way you choose, make sure you do not hurt him/her. Remember that you should still appreciate your ex-sweetheart. Here are some simple ways to break up with a sweetheart without making (too) hurt:
  1. One of the most popular ways to break up with a sweetheart is to annoy him/her. For example, by forgetting his/her birthday or to make the same mistakes repeatedly. Perhaps s/he will finally break up with you because it does not hold.
  2. Speak directly and frankly to him/her and explain why you want to break up. Perhaps this is the best way to split up. Do not end a relationship with him/her by SMS, BBM, email, Facebook, Twitter, Line, Whatsapp etc. Remember that if you are using SMS, BBM, email, Facebook, Twitter, Line, Whatsapp and others to break up with your sweetheart, you'll look like a coward.
  3. Another solution that you can do is move house. While this is not the way most daring, you can break up with him/her to pack all your stuff and go.
  4. You can also send withered flower for your sweetheart. However, remember that if you use this way to break up, your ex-sweetheart will make you feel really bad and you probably will not get to meet him/her again.
    Break up with sweetheart
  5. Use one of the most common sentences for breaking up: ''I love you, but only as a friend''. If you say that sentence to your sweetheart, s/he will immediately understand. While you can not really befriend with your ex-sweetheart, you can use this sentence to break up if you do not know what else you can do.
  6. Make a recording or an audio CD for your sweetheart. This is a romantic way to end a relationship and you will leave a better impression to your ex-sweetheart. There are many songs that you can enter and make sure that all the songs that you enter imply your desire to drop out. The downside, if you use this method, there is a possibility that your sweetheart does not know if you want to break up.
  7. Start date with his/her friend. This is probably the most effective way to break up, but this way will damage the relationship with your sweetheart with his/her friend. On the other hand, using this method, you do not have to bother to think about the reasons why you want to break up with him/her.
  8. Call and tell him/her how you feel. This method is suitable for people who do not have the courage to end relationship directly. Remember that you have to think at least one reason, why you want to break up with your sweetheart.
  9. Ask for help to someone to tell your sweetheart that you want to break up. Perhaps this is the most coward for breaking up with a sweetheart, and we recommend using this method only if you have tried all other ways to break up but did not succeed to break up.

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