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How to prevent depression marriage

In an article about depression marriage, has been discussed that in every marriage, there must be a moment where there was a problem. But this does not mean that every married couple must have experienced depression or marital conflict is not resolved. The key to maintaining a healthy marriage but realistic is to use open communication before and after your wedding ceremony take place. Do not make the wedding ceremony and honeymoon as the most important priority for you. Instead of focusing too much on the wedding ceremony and honeymoon, focus on preparing for your wedding. Together with your spouse, discuss what you will do after you come home from the honeymoon, and what are your expectation of marriage. This will avoid any misunderstanding or unpleasant surprise in the way of your marriage. Also it is important to remember that you both need to be able to maintain a spark of love and sexual attraction like before you get married. Keep going on a date and plan a special activity together, or do the occasional spontaneous date (unplanned).

Depression wedding

Accept the fact that marriage is not a fairy tale in which the main character to get married and live happily until the end of their live can also prevent you from depression marriage. Accept the fact that even though you both are a married couple, each of you are still people who would feel and think differently at certain times. And this does not mean that you two do not match. Remember that every human being has a different belief and personality. You can practice to better understand each other. For example, create a situation where you feel there are things that are less enjoyable for you and where you and your spouse disagree about something. After that, try some of the ways to deal with such situations. If both of you are accustomed to dealing with conflict and practice dealing with conflict, you both will be able to prepare themselves with knowledge and strength to accept the reality of marriage, and how to deal with reality when they occur to you. Thus, you both can live a married life that is healthy and free of depression marriage.

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