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10 Tips to forget your ex-lover

Put an end to a relationship that has been built is not easy. Sometimes, we find it very difficult to forget the ex-lover. The desire to go back and start the relationship as a pair of lovers constantly appear in your heart and your mind, especially in the early days break up. In fact, you believe that the relationship did not have prospect if continued. Well, what the most appropriate way to forget ex-lover? Here are tips to forget ex-lover of Ghufron xyz :

1. Discard/remove all items related to your lover

Items granting of your ex-lover definitely have a certain impression and memory for you. It could be, each time you use or view the item, your memory will fly back to ex-lover. Of course, this will make you more difficult to forget him. Well, one of the most effective initial step to get over ex-lover is to get rid of all the items granting, no matter how small it is. If you do not have the heart to throw it away, put these items into a box and keep it away from your room. Oh yes, do not forget to get rid of all your photos are displayed both on the wall or stored in the wallet.

2. Stop hope

Dispose of hope that it is possible for you both to get back into pair of lovers. As long as you still hopeful, it is impossible to forget the ex-lover and continue your life. Your mind will continue to be haunted by these expectation, and you can also fall into the false hope that never materialized. In essence, let the past go by. You must be sealed every expectation of him. Try to move on  and re-arrange your life. Instead of pinning its hope on the ex-lover which clearly been disappointing you, the better put expectation for yourself in the future.

3. Think back to the positive things in yourself, and negative things within ex-lover

Indeed, this sounds cruel, but it proved to be very effective to help you forget about ex-lover. Try to remember the positive qualities of your personality, and compare with the negative stuff from the ex-lover who often make you upset or even injured. Try to convince yourself that the positive qualities you have, you deserve to get a man/woman who is better. Also use this opportunity to better understand you at a time for introspection.

4. Spend time with your friends

Spending time with friends can dispose of sadness and confusion because the breakdown of your relationship with ex-lover. Especially in the beginning of the period to break up, increase to spending time with your best friends. Remember, do not just spend the time to vent about ex-lover, but try to do different activities that can make you and your friends feel happy. By doing this, you will realize that there are still other people who can be invited to share the joy and sorrow besides your ex-lover.

5. Do not remember the wonderful memories when with him

Remember the wonderful memories of time with ex-lover will just go on and continue to hurt you. This will make you more difficult to forget and heightens the possibility to re-refer. Therefore, try to get rid of all the wonderful memories with ex-lover, at least in the early days of your break up and not stable. As mentioned above, you can do this by removing the Items granting or get rid of your photos together. Remember, wonderful memory is only temporary before he/she make you feel disappointed.

Forget you

6. Do not listen to the songs upset

Many peoples when just broke up with their lover just washed himself under romantic songs that create upset. It just does not make you feel better. Therefore, try to avoid a variety of song or music pitched sadness, regret, longing, or waiting. Replace it with a cheerful tone tunes, spirit, and make you more confident to start your life without him. Although seem trivial, this method proved to be a very powerful tool to help you forget the ex-lover.

7. Seek support from your family

When recently broken up, try to seek the support of your family. Do not hesitate to tell it to the brother and sister, or even your parent. Both of your parent can certainly give advice soothing and entertaining. If by chance your parent are in distant place, call them. Support from the family will make you feel not alone in facing the problem that make your heart sad.

8. Avoid contact with ex-lover

In fact this is the most simple and easy method to get over your ex-lover. Avoid contact in any form. Try not to meet him, and avoid direct eye contact. Do not pick up the phone, and do not serve text message from him anything that is written in it. Do not attempt to open her/his Facebook profile, because it can make you more feel upset. Indeed, at first it was hard, but after few day, aided by the support of family and friends, forget ex-lover will be a problem that feels light.

9. Believe in yourself

Believe that you can get through your day without ex-lover. Rest assured that you are strong enough to face the future. Trusting yourself can make you more brave in the face of separation, and it can actually motivate you to get better. If necessary, consult a variety of tips to increase confidence in a variety of media.

10. Pray

Pray according to belief and religion respectively. Support spiritually proven to be helpful for you to move on at once forget ex-lover. Try to get closer to God by performing a variety of worship or joining religious activities. Also remember that God Almighty is the One All Fair and will not let his servants who are unable to receive the test they passed. Destiny will help you find a life partner who really fits and harmonious. So do not forget to always pray to God to help you.

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