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7 Steps to maintain a relationship

Live with your spouse certainly more fun than live it alone. But over time, sometime there are issues affecting your relationship. So many thoughts, events and other external factors that can affect and ultimately leads to separation or divorce. How far can you survive in a relationship? You alone decide. But you know that matters trivial in a love relationship can actually be solved? Here are the steps you have to do to maintain your relationship and your spouse.

1. Identify the problem

Explain to your spouse what bothers you and do the best possible way. Convey the things that make you are not satisfied with the quiet and trace.

2. Pondering

Try to communicate with you in a more honest and sincere. Ask yourself what you want, what you expect and how to achieve it.

3. Care

Tell yourself that you care about what happens in your relationship, and anything that involves both of you. You should already know by now that in life as a couple, a lot of problems to be overcome. Think of the problems it as a test of whether you really belong together and really love each other?

4. Do not think negative

Throw away negative thoughts, especially when you're arguing. Negative thinking will only make things worse.

Wrangle with spouse

5. Change the way you think

Tell yourself that you are really able to cope with and understand all sorts of problems you face. Rest assured that all things can actually be seen from many different sides. If not, you probably will always feel burdened by problems, become stressed and cause tension in your relationship. Perhaps you should start by lowering your ego a little.

6. Perform your responsibility

In any relationship, you are responsible to maintain, except that you are not serious about the relationship. Ask yourself, what is wrong? Are you leaving your responsibility as a spouse ? There is no harm introspect yourself calmly.

7. Learn to be more attentive

Respect each other and learn to listen. The essence of togetherness is to be together and share everything. Most people just want their minds to be heard. And do not ever assume your spouse just like you. Everyone sees things differently so if you want to criticize, give constructive criticism.

Loving someone is easy, but it is not as simple as you think. Sometimes it is necessary to compromise, sacrifice, trust and negotiation. This process will continue to be a lesson for all your life. Both of you should be able to love each other what their spouse, but also must be able to motivate each other to each other to become a better person.

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