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6 Body language when someone is lying

Almost everyone in the world agree that the movements of the eye is one of the sign when we judge someone is lying or not. Similarly, the two lovers who love each other, the eye is often used as a lie detector between them. The problem is, many are also people who train movements are so difficult to detect partner's eyes when him was lying. So what then?

When the eye movements can no longer be trusted completely, then you can use a 'lie detector' other. The following will explain the body parts that can move spontaneously when lying.
This theory described by Joe Navarro, nonverbal communication expert who once worked as an FBI agent and also has written a book Clues to Deceit. According to Joe, based on his experience and theory of science that he learned, there are six other clues that you can look to assess whether someone is lying or not:


1. Pursed lip
When lying, lip will tend to shrink between the upper lip and lower lip. That condition was such that movement of the lip to kiss. For the lip movement is already known in the community as one of the signs when someone is lying.

2. Wrinkled nose
This expression is exactly when you walk past the trash that smelled dreadful, you will automatically be wrinkled nose. Similarly, someone who is lying. Movement is the automatic nose done unconsciously when him was being cornered.

3. Holding a necklace or tie
According to Joe Navarro, a woman will naturally hold the front part of the neck when it feels threatened. Physically, this area is the most vulnerable. Plays necklace is also a movement similar gesture in this regard. For men, this movement could be touching the tie or shirt collar.

4. Shrugged shoulder
Shrug movement is mentioned Navarro as the effect of a turtle. Shrugged when talking Navarro described as a speaker who is not committed to what he was talking about.

5. Cleared him throat
Sentence stammered and interspersed with clear him throat like him want to clean scratchy throat often showed nothing wrong in what is being said.

6. Scratching the eye
When your partner begin to clean up the eyes by using the thumb and forefinger, then him may be hiding you from view. Recognize this movement carefully as a sign of lie quite real.

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