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5 Things That Show How Heartbreak Affects Men Differently

5 Things That Show How Heartbreak Affects Men Differently

Separation sucks. Even if we have a healthy outlook, it's quite hard. The feeling that someone we love is turning into a stranger hits us hard. Even though we wanted to go through a series of emotions to properly process the event, we cannot. Why? That's bcause society in general has see men as creatures who are never hurt. After all, "Mard ko dard nahi huta na?" These are some of the things how heartbreak affect us differently because we are expected to remain silent and deal with it:


1. Loneliness

We take setbacks personally. And why are we no longer in our lives since we opened ourselves to the lonely person, leaving us alone and in pain. Although we have family and friends that we share your feelings with, they are different from your ex. Nobody knows you as well as they do. Instead, we choose to drown in the hope that emotions run their course.

2. Numbness with anger

Bcause we are expected to be steadfast and stubborn with no emotions, we are forced to turn off all our emotions. Are you doing something good? Not in the long term, no it isn't. I realized that the longer I was numb, the angrier I was with the whole experience. Unfortunately, this anger has spread to other aspects of our lives. Over time, we don't even realize how it has become a mainstay of ours.

3. Did you just overlook?

Emotion? What is emotion? As men, how dare we flatter ourselves and feel bad over a breakup? Society has totally bad expectations of men, and that is definitely the case with the rest. We need to make room to deal with our honest feelings bcause often we don't even know what we are feeling.

4. Banned and removed

Almost everything reminds us of them and we are constantly influenced by their thoughts. In the past, we could erase their numbers and let time erase their memories. currently? Even after a breakup, the algorithms on our social media refused to cooperate, slowly pushing ex's content down our throats. The only way we don't go crazy is to burn all the bridges.

5. Frozen cry

When we are ashamed of a bad breakup, we tend to hide all of our feelings and try to be brave enough to face everybody. But, at times when we are alone and really lonely, we unconsciously find ourselves shedding tears. A few moments of sadness as well as frozen pain, before falling back into our usual sedated state. Later in my life, I realized that this was due to a certain emotional delay that we felt. Abandoning the person who mean the most to us can be one of the most confusing and frustrating experiences of our lives. But why do our emotions take the step of maternal therapy?

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