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6 Signs You Are In A One-Sided Relationship

6 Signs You Are In A One-Sided Relationship

One might think that the whole idea of ​​being in a relationship is to feel loved, understood, cared for, and offer that to your partner in return, to form an intimacy that you both can live comfortably. However, what would happen if all the effort, gestures, care, and, all the love only came from one side? You see, the nature of a relationship is for two person to come together and deal with only one thing. So when effort and love are unrequited, it is a moment to step back and get out before things fall apart and get dirty. Do you remember when Shah Rukh Khan (SRK) made a cameo in the movie 'Ae Dil Hai Mushkil' and he said about 'ek tarfa mohabbat'? Did you describe it as one of the most beautiful feelings in this world? Is it called eschatological power? Yeah well it was all just a bunch of crap. Because the last time we did it, love and one-sided relationship had to do with emotional pain, trauma, and a feeling of loneliness despite even with someone. That is why, when you see these signs start to grow in your partner, it may be time to disconnect the one-sided relationship and avoid hurting yourself. Here are 6 signs you are in a one-sided relationship:


1. You feel like they're not trying as much as you

You feel that you are the only one making every effort while your partner just accepts, without much effort and effort to make things work. This is one of the warning signs that your relationship is turning into a one-sided relationship. While you feel like you are doing your best, they don't seem to be bothered much.

2. You apologize even when it's not necessary

You feel like you've started apologizing too much for even the little things that don't matter. You apologize even when you're innocent, but they certainly are. These are other causes of anxiety in a relationship.

3. You often make excuses for their behavior

Do not take it wrong, it's always good to win your partner back, and sometimes speaking on their behalf in defense of them is nothing but charming. However, when you find yourself making excuses anytime they make mistakes, you clearly gave them more than the doubt's benefit. You give them free entry and chances are they are. If they agree, then they won't like it as much as you think.

4. You are the only one who communicates

Today, if you stop making any effort to communicate with them during the day, stop texting or calling, then you will find that there will be no communication. Because until now, the only person who kept this up was you, while they just replied, they never started.

5. You don't feel safe in a relationship

Since there is such a large communication gap and because your partner often leaves you feeling distant, doubts and insecurities are sure to creep up in a relationship. Which eventually makes you guess the whole relationship from time to time occasionally.

6. Your partner's priorities always trump your plans

Everything, each plan of your life is carried out according to your convenience and availability. No matter what you like or are in the mood to do, things eventually happen according to them, while they are often neglected.

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