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5 Warning Signs That Your Friendship Is Getting Toxic

5 Warning Signs That Your Friendship Is Getting Toxic

You've shared good times with this people, been there through thin and thick, help them navigate through some of the most difficult parts of their lives too. However, now you have reached a dead end. You have hardly any energy left to invest in this friendship. And you know you did your best to be the friend they need. But, have any of your efforts ever been reciprocated? No one likes it when a friendship turns poison. I'd rather go ahead and hope things get better one day. But the truth is that if you are not honest and open about your feelings, this toxic relationship will only make matters worse for you. These are 5 warning signs that your friendship is getting toxic and that it's time for an honest conversation:


1. Excess possession

Who doesn't like to feel needed or wanted? I enjoy the rare occasion when person are possessive of me. I will be honest, sometimes it even gives me an ego boost. However, this possessiveness becomes detrimental when they start to demand all of your attention and moment. They turn around when you're with other friends, and they start to make you feel like you're living a life of your own. Just bcause you are the best friends, it doesn't mean that your life should be completely interdependent.

2. Unexpected rudeness

Every relationship, it must have its own limits. I and my closest friends feel comfortable verbally insulting each other. But this doesn't mean that they get a free pass to be a jerk all the time, especially in front of someone else. Bullying a person under the guise of close friendship is a sure sign of danger.

3. Passionate vampire

When your phone rings and then you pick it up, your friend is calling you. They tell you everything that disturbing them that day, and as soon as they feel better, they leave you. Friendship is for supporting and nurturing each other. But, if you start to feel more and more one-sided, you have an emotional vampire on your hands. If you try to call for help, they will ghost you faster more than a vampire hiding from the sun. You can try to always be by their side. But, they will never be there for you. Sooner or later, all the emotional work you have done will be forgotten for a long time.

4. Drama forever

You have to be honest with yourself if spending period with them is starting to feel similar a burden. Ask yourself why it happened. Does it have something to do with the constant and ongoing barrage of drama you experience? If just being friends with them feels similar a tense minesweeper game, then plan the conversation for clarity or plan a path where you will escape.

5. Passive-aggressive guilt

You are a people with your own preferences and tastes. You are allowed to have it. But if your friends like to make you feel bad or try to make you feel guilty because of them, you should try to engage in conversation. However, if the passive aggressive comments don't stop, then it is moment to ask yourself what you are really getting out of this friendship. A friendship is not meant to feel similar an added burden in your life. Yes, there might be situations where you may have a rough time with your friends. However, you shouldn't continue to be mentally exhausted trying to fix the equation.

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