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Guys Share Reasons Why They ‘Friend-Zoned’ A Girl And It’s Brutal But Hilarious

Guys landing in the friend zone while trying to attract the person they like is not something anyone has ever heard of. that happen. Most girls are clear about their priorities and don't think twice about keeping their fans in the scariest area of ​​a budding relationship. However, guys also have their priorities. And it turns out that some of the brave have reserved their friends because they refuse to compromise on things that are important to them. It's probably not about appearance or how much do they earn, but things similar movies, music, and food that guys take very seriously.


It may sound funny, but if Friends Joey Tribbiani can end a relationship because a girl wanted fries, it's obvious that IRL guys would also prefer to stay away from girls who disagree with their favorite cartoon characters or choices of food instead of giving in to the quantity of life. So if you've killed your chances of getting a girlfriend by splitting her into a girlfriend for some ridiculous reason, you are not alone.

The hashtag #friendzone was trending on Twitter India yesterday as hiss were share fun things that they intentionally dedicated to friendzone or a dedicated person. It's because honestly, there are few things that are more important to us than anything else in the world. Do these seem like legitimate reasons to leave your crush? We think they are. You definitely can't spend your life with someone who doesn't have a taste for songs and movies like you. You don't want to quarrel at all times you have a Netflix date. Do? Also, if the food choices don't suit you, you know what you should do. #friendzoned

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