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10 Things It's Ok To Hide From Your Partner

10 Things It's Ok To Hide From Your Partner

At the cost of sounding a bit hypocritical and controversial, I'll go ahead and say that despite supporting transparency and honesty in a relationship, it's okay to keep a few secrets about your partner. Now by that, I don't mean keeping information about an adventure dubbed or lying about important things that should always be told in advance, but rather keeping some things to yourself that don't always change the rules of the game. relationship is not always a bad idea. After all, you are your best secret keeper and it is not necessary to tell your partner every thought that goes through your head. Here are some things that are best to keep for yourself that you can hide from your partner:


1. You don't like your family very much

No matter how much you love your partner, you don't need to have the same feelings for their family. They are probably lower on your nerves than you are prepared for, and sharing this note with your OS will only make things worse.

2. Secrets from your friends

If what you know about yourself or your partner doesn't directly affect either of you, then don't tell your story. You should never feel guilty about hiding your friends' secrets from your partner, because in any case it is not their place to know for sure what someone else has told you.

3. You stalked your ex on social media

It might have been a couple of months, a few weeks ago, or just yesterday, but telling your partner that you casually visited your ex's profile is a recipe for disaster. Unless the reason you are hiding in the past is because you feel like you are still attracted to them, you don't have to worry about telling your partner.

4. You stalked your ex on social media.

As much as it's normal to check in with the guy you were dating before and do a quick comparison, it's always a good idea to share how you checked your ex profile once or 7 times. Your curiosity is likely to be viewed as jealous.

5. Someone is flirting with you

Now, unless you've gotten back to flirting, keeping instances of people flirting or glossing over you while they reject you is something you don't need to tell your partner about. Bcause what you were just going to say in earnest can be seen as you try to rub his face over how people are flirting with you left, right, and center, which risks making your partner feel a bit insecure. 

6. You did not like the gift they received

Couples find various occasions to obtain gifts for each other in a relationship, and it is natural that they do not like all of them. But since they may have given you that gift with a sentiment attached, telling them how much you hate it or that you're going to trade it first tomorrow is just brutal.

7. Have gained weight

One of the oldest rules in the book is never say "yes" when your partner asks if he looks fat. If anything, find different and less catastrophic ways to tell your boyfriend that he might have become unhealthy, while keeping your thoughts on her looking fat just for you.

8. I finished a television series without them

It is common practice for couples to have television shows together. However, there will be times when your SO is busy at work, late, or out with friends, leaving you home alone with a bag of Cheetos and a new episode of the show. And so before you know it, all you've had to do together as a couple is have fun in your 'private time'. My advice? Don't tell them and instead watch it again with them. After all, there is no point in banishing on the couch.

9. Shameful things I did in the past

We have all had a past before we started dating someone new, and while it is important and healthy to reveal some things to your partner, the type of people you have dated, why you broke up, how long you have been single. And all that jazz. It is not critical to share stupid or embarrassing things that you fear will warrant criticism or judgment. These are things you did long before they came into your life and you have the right to take those moments to your grave if you wish.

10. How much money do you make?

This is a somewhat personal suggestion, because different people put different levels of transparency in their relationships. For some, it is important to share their finances with each other, especially if they are planning together. For others, they like to keep information on how much they earn, invest, or spend for themselves. And you're not just choosing them, it's okay to keep your private information private as well.

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