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13 Ways to make an ex-boyfriend jealous and regret losing you

No matter what the reasons behind the breakup of your love relationship and who decided, there must be a time where you still remember him. Yes, an ex-boyfriend who once shared heart and emotional with you.

If the motivation behind it turns out to be a grudge, then this is a dangerous condition. But if the sense of appearing due to knit relationship back, then there are many ways that can be taken, one of which is to make him jealous.

The jealousy shown by an ex-boyfriend can be a signal that he still has feelings for you. This is a positive sign, an indication that the opportunity to return with him is still wide open.

There is a sense of satisfaction when making an ex-boyfriend jealousy. Feelings ''let you know the taste, regret breaking up with me'' becomes a satisfaction and will make you more comfortable. Then how to make an ex-boyfriend jealous? Here are thirteen ways you can try.

1. Do not start contacts

The first rule is to give a gap of about two weeks to 1 month before deciding to make contact with him. If you contact him as early as possible, it will leave the impression that you still want him. In addition, too fast to make contact with him can make you lose the opportunity to be missed by him because he did not feel lost you.

2. Do not accept a call from him

For the first few weeks after a breakup, you should not take a call or reply to chat with him, especially if he does it for the first time. It could be that he contacted you a few days after the breakup in an effort to seek justification and help reduce the pain he felt. But if you want him to really miss you, then lengthen the waiting period for him so that the nostalgic feeling can form more strongly.

3. Vacation

The next way to make your ex is jealous is to go on holiday to a place far away, a thing that will automatically also disconnect contact. This helps to keep you from accidental meeting conditions. On the other hand, vacationing can also give you time to rest and calm the mind. Upload your vacation photos on your Instagram or social media. That way, friends and him know that you are enjoying your current state.

4. Spend time

The main reason why I ask you to disconnect is that you have time to recover. Your body and mind will be a mess after the end of romance. Therefore, take your time to evaluate the mistakes you've made, especially if you do have the intention of returning with him. Enjoy your time outdoors and do the activities you love, either alone or together with friends. Enjoy your life as a free single person. By the time you become healthier and happier, then the former will feel jealous and miss your presence more.

5. Do not show sadness

The way to make him jealousy that you should also try is to show no grief, especially in social media. If possible, never discuss love in social media at all. Because, things like this will make you look very fragile, so your ex-boyfriend is in a higher position. Conversely, if you look more cheerful, then he will miss you more. Even more likely he was jealous of your life that turned out to be better after separation with him.

6. Do not stalk your ex

If you keep on stalking him, that means you're not giving him the space he needs. The worse if you get caught, then you will be seen as a desperate person, and it will damage your image. It is very likely that the habit of stalking a former will push him further, contrary to your ultimate goal of making him jealous and longing. The stalk is referred to apply in the real world as appear in front of his house or cyberspace like obsessed with the photos he uploaded in social media.

7. Find new friends

New friends who are very helpful so that you can feel more powerful and confident, and provide a space for you to be able to grow and change for the better. On the other hand, he will see you as a person who can create a new social life even without his presence. If your social environment is still dominated by old friends (they are still friends of your ex), then it is likely he will report all the sadness you showed.

8. Open your heart

Opening the heart for new love is a very effective way of making jealous ex. Remember, right now you have the power to connect with anyone, so open your heart. Imagine if you are in a relationship with a new person and the information reaches his ears, it will certainly make him very jealous. It is very likely he will realize that he missed your presence very much.

Make him jealous

9. Have a new hobby

Right now, you should be happy to live life as a single person. The more you feel happy, the more interesting the impression you present. When he can see you living a life like this, especially when doing new things, then chances are he will miss you more. Techniques like this will make your ex-boyfriend feel jealous about the fact that you can still have fun without his presence.

10. Try a new appearance

You do not have to change the total appearance, just by making small changes like a haircut or wearing a different clothing model rather than you usually use. The new look is guaranteed will make your ex is jealous; besides, it makes you feel more confident. The key is not to overdo the appearance because it implies that you are desperate and do not have a handle anymore.

11. Demonstrate polite attitude

The way to make a jealous ex this one you must do when reunited. Try to smile and talk warmly. Things like this will get him think of your best side at the same time indicate that the breakup did not affect your personal life. In the end, he will realize how reckless he is to leave you.

12. Being as private as ever

When you meet again, you may unknowingly show different attitudes like when you're in a relationship. Instead, try to be as private as ever, just as you were able to make him fall in love. In other words, try to sprinkle the signals of love by showing who you really are. Let him be jealous and realize that the cheerful and pleasant attitude that you have is not lost just because of a breakup.

13. Do not beg for attention

Jealousy can make a profit if you do it right. But usually, the effort to make him jealous actually looks so clear that it does not give any impact on him. When you do something just so that he can see you, then chances are you will leave a sad impression. For example, do not ever try to approach his friends just to make him feel jealous.

There is nothing wrong with missing a relationship that has run aground because it is likely you can learn and self-correct so that you can get a valuable lesson for the future. Read also: 7 Important things to do after break up with your boyfriend.

Well, hopefully, tips on how to make him jealous and want you of the above can help you to get attention from him again so the opportunity to return can remain open. Good luck!

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