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3 Best relationship goals according to the advice of a therapist

Relationship goals have more meaning than just the affection shown in social media. The phenomenon of social media that gave rise to many new "Idol" figures for teenagers lately is closely related to the formation of the couples mindset about the meaning of relationship goals.

Seeing those who show affection, traveling to romantic places around the world with their beloved boyfriends, or holding a lavish wedding is often on the list of relationship goals. Are you one of them?

It's okay if you want things like those mentioned above as the purpose of the relationship you're living. But are not those three things, or other such things, something material and temporary?

Relationship goals
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If you want the real and lasting relationship, here are three best relationship goals according to the recommendation from Esther Boykin, a therapist.

1. Couples who improve the quality of your life

The quality of life here is not about where you go when the date, what the bag and shoes he bought for you, or what kind of vehicle you were traveling on with him. The quality of life you deserve in your relationship is about feelings. Find out who can judge how extraordinary you are and help you to continue developing it on the path you've chosen. ''The real relationship is not about finding a soulmate that complements you because you're complete,'' Boykin said. Together with him that enables you to be the best version of yourself.

2. The existence of empathy and emotional stability

Empathy is a very basic thing. ''One of the biggest factors that can make your relationship last is the empathy you have for each other,'' Boykin said quoted from He continued, ''the real glue for the couple is the emotional closeness.''

3. Intimacy

Not just sex, intimacy is physical, emotional, and spiritual closeness at the same time. Have you found it yet?

So, do you agree that the three things above are real relationship goals, not just the intimacy that appears in social media?

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