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Love the ugly, dark side

Unfortunately, with love comes the rough times as well as the joyous times. I hate to say it, but it is a fact of life these days. Broken marriages and relationships seem to run rampant in this day and age.

And, as that appears to be the case, I could not have a blog on Ghufron Relationship Xyz without hitting on the rough patches (the ugly side) as well. I know this is a terrible subject there is nothing more gut-wrenching than finding out that this has happened to you. You CAN make it through if you are both willing to work on the marriage/relationship and BOTH of you want the same thing. If only one person is committed to salvaging a marriage/relationship, there is little hope for it to work.

If your partner is on the fence, though, or you broke up in the heat of the moment, and there is still HOPE, there may be a chance for everything to work out.

Love the ugly

There are going to be articles here for you to read to try and salvage the relationship. But, there will also be articles on the ugly or dark side of the behaviors people display. It is not pretty. When people commit these acts, they are usually only thinking of themselves and not the consequences of their actions. They are caught up in the thrill of the moment, the temporary fix of happiness and are not thinking clearly.

Only when it all comes crashing down, do they regret what they have done. They wonder, How can I fix this? (if they want to fix it really fix it). Sometimes these people only want to fix what they think they have lost. When they get things going on the right track again, they go back to the same behaviors they displayed before they got caught or it blew up.

This is a terrible merry-go-round to be on when someone is playing with your heart. You are caught up in the never-ending ride, and don t know what to do or how to get off. People who play these types of games are usually unhappy with themselves, and nothing you can do will ever help. If they can't fix themselves and make themselves happy within, how do you ever think you are going to help? You can't. Only the person who displays this behavior can change you can't do it for them.

This information, as I said before, is only being presented here to show that through the ugly, dark side of love, you can find happiness. You can be in a committed, forever love relationship if you get rid of all the garbage first. This type of relationship is a rare and beautiful experience. I hope and pray that you can experience it in your life.

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