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6 Signs your partner is cheating on you

It is every person's worst nightmare that your partner is cheating. We have all heard the statistics. Men seem to be worse than women. The statistics say that half of all people cheat and some say that number is closer to three-quarters.

This is where you feel like your world has come to an end.  It is over. You are in shock, dismay, lost and did not know which way to turn. You are angry, upset, and just want to walk away.

So how do you look for the signs? Here are six significant clues or signs that your partner may be cheating:

1. Act differently

If your partner starts acting different from the way they used to, there is something going on underneath. Don't jump to conclusions that this is what is happening. Sometimes the person might just be quirky. There has to be a REAL change in behavior for you to start asking yourself if there isn't something was going on. Read also: 7 Signs he is a playboy.

Partner is cheating

2. Avoiding You

Is your partner coming home much later? Are they making excuses to be out of the house or starting to go away on the weekends without you, in other words, avoiding you? If your partner has stopped making time for you, then it may be a chance to start wondering who they are making time for.

3. Less, or different s*x

Don't fool yourself by thinking that your cheating partner may stop having sex with you altogether. They might be having just a little less s*x with you. They don't want to raise too many red flags which would draw attention to their otherwise normal behavior. Don't only pay attention to the amount but the quality as well.

4. General response to you has changed

If your partner is cheating, they may stop acting like the sweet, romantic person you fell in love with. Look for these clues: are they now easily annoyed? Critical? Pick fights? Are they consistently not being affectionate with you? These people carry a lot of guilt and try to push that guilt onto you. If things are different, try and find out what is distracting them or making them feel guilty.

5. Becomes very private

Does your partner go into a different room to answer their phone? Do they keep their cell phone in the car or they get really secret about the phone bill? Do they have the phone bill changed so that it only shows a summary? Do they get a new phone with texting where they never had an interest in that before? Have they stopped checking their e-mail in front of you or get an entirely new e-mail account all together? If they disappear every time the phone rings or has bills re-directed to the office, there is usually a reason.

6. Unreliable/elusive

Where did they go? Can you never find them any more? Are they where they say they are or are going to be? If they are constantly not where they say they are going to be, there might be trouble. Being elusive becomes an art. You never know where they are because they do not want to be found.

What to do? The first thing is to try and talk to your partner about it. If they don't want to open up, keep trying. Your gut tells you something is wrong, and usually, your gut feelings are the right ones. If they keep saying, Everything is fine, but you know it is not, do not give up. Do something about it. You have got to get them to open up before it is too late. Read also: 7 Ways to keep your partner from cheating on you.

Maintaining a strong relationship with open communication is one of the best things you can do to ensure fidelity on both of your parts. Do not an affair come between you and your marriage.

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