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6 Signs your marriage is in trouble

A marriage that was tied by a rope of love sometimes ends in divorce. The cause of divorce usually starts from the little things that lead to little dispute but not resolved. The Little conflict that occurs, continuously can trigger a big quarrel that ultimately was a divorce.

Marriage is in trouble

In fact, they are still able to save the marriage as long as there is the initiative of one or both parties. That's because every divorce has signs that appeared well before the divorce occurs. By knowing and recognizing the signs of a trigger, divorce will make any couple to be more vigilant, so as to save the life of the household. Below are six signs your marriage is in trouble. If you do not immediately anticipate will lead to divorce.

1. Your partner is more rarely appear in your dreams during sleep

Sometimes when weighted down by a problem, you think and fantasize about how wonderful life if separated from your partner. If the thoughts are too often comes to mind and even have entered in your dreams when asleep, then that means you're stuck in an unpleasant situation, and it's hard to find a solution. When faced with a situation like this, you and your partner should consult the marriage advisor before its too late.

2. You feel more often experience bad things than good things in your marriage

If you feel more negative things than positive in your marriage, surely there is a problem. If you do not immediately take pro-active steps, then other problems will be more and more and accumulate. It was then that divorce is on the verge of an eye.

3. You save your problem alone

Feel reluctant to discuss with your partner about the problems faced by both of you are early signs of a problem of confidence in the household. Communication is a way to relieve stress and build the healthy emotional bond with a partner. If you are not comfortable communicating with her, then it is a sign that you lack confidence in your spouse. Marriage will not last long if there is a trust problem between the two sides. Read also: Tips to rebuilding trust in your marriage.

4. Resolving issues with negative thoughts

If each of you are too defensive and condescending to feel another couple, it shows contempt towards your partner's opinion or uses the silent when there are issues that arise. Then it is a sign there is a big problem going on in your marriage. When you avoid conflict or if the face of it but using mental attitude is negative rather than positive thinking, then most likely divorce no longer be the case.

5. You feel that only you are trying to solve the problem in your household

If you feel frustrated because every time you try to discuss the issue of marriage, your spouse has withdrawn and reluctant even to talk. If this situation continues, both sides will be getting away and no longer wishes to be united. It is one of the signs your marriage was on the ropes, and divorce is imminent if the two sides do not do positive things to save a marriage.

6. You have less and less s*x with a partner

You're no longer interested in having s*x with her, as well as your partner towards you. If marriage no longer has s*xual intimacy, then it is a sign that the marriage will soon end in divorce.

The six signs marriage is in trouble as outlined above could be a reference to restore domestic harmony. Don't look down upon the feelings that arise. Sometimes what you feel, actually, it what is happening in your household but not realized by you.

The most important are to remain positive thinking and have a strong desire to defend marriage. From that desire, you can avoid divorce, and domestic harmony is maintained.

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