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5 Unique date ideas for couples to create durable relationship

A relationship that has long existed as a couple, in most couples become bored with the relationship which they live for it. Thus, the facts show that a relationship would be boring if only static runs without armed with creativity in undergoing. Being creative in a relationship can certainly make your relationship with your partner become more colorful and more durable. The desire for romance remains durable of course also be a desire to any couple including yourself with your partner.

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Some tricks are generally done by several couples that their relationship is not boring, for example, such as doing dinner or watching with a couple in cinema is some form of relative dating style is fairly classic and common. These activities sometimes make couples still feel bored in their relationship. Therefore, you can perform a unique date so you can always be creative in developing your relationship with your partner. Here are 5 unique date ideas to make your relationship stay a durable as a couple, as reported by iDiva, among others:

1. Play a game with your partner

Make a durable relationship should not be done in a generic way. Playing games with your partner, in addition to creating your cohesiveness as a couple, also can make your relationship becomes more closely with him because gaming is synonymous with fun and interesting things. You can choose the games that challenge each other or adventure games. So that created a familiarity that is closer to the games you play with him.

Playing games with boyfriend

2. Wearing unique costume

When you and your partner are bored for leave the house like a trip to the mall for the watch, of course, already become boring for your dating activities with him. However, hangout to the mall or getting a date at home by wearing a t-shirt with a character that you and he idolized will become a new appeal for your own and your partner. You can interact with each other to find out why you and he liked the character of the costumes used. Thus, familiarity with a partner can always be maintained.

3. Doing mysterious date

Although men, in general, is a mysterious figure in the eyes of most women, you could actually be mysterious in the eyes of your partner by getting a mysterious date with him. You can invite him for a date, but you do not need to tell your date destination. In general, men often give you a surprise, but this time, you are being creative to give him a surprise. You can do recreation together in an entirely unfamiliar and he had never visited before.

4. Doing yoga together

Yoga is an activity that can make you always feel the peace of mind that in general is also only done by most to you, women. However, invite your partner to do yoga together with the aim of calming the soul, of course, your partner would be interested because of the activities of yoga is new to him. Yoga does not have to be done in the gym. Maybe the gym does not give permission to do both yoga activities. You can do yoga in your home with your partner. It certainly makes you and your partner become calmer in fostering a relationship in the future.

5. Painting

You previously would have witnessed the scene contained in the film "Titanic" where there is one scene painting. It thus can you try with your partner. You can ask your partner to paint yourself. However, you do not need to demand a similar result to the work of a professional painter. Such activities do not need to focus on results, but the process when your partner to paint you on a canvas that makes you increasingly make sense of affection and your love remain volatile. You and your partner become better with the results that will make you and your partner laugh out loud with him.

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