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4 Important stages of a serious relationship

When we experience a breakup, of course, become a thing that makes most of us would be sad. The loss of any habit or activity conducted jointly with a partner will make you be trauma to forge a new relationship. Move on from your ex would be a difficult thing. Women will look at all men have the same nature as those of the former. The desire to live a new relationship of love would make you be very selective in choosing a partner, especially bringing your relationship to a more serious direction. When you and your partner are in this condition, of course, you are required to be able to recognize and deepen the character of your partner.

Maybe when you already feel comfortable later on, then you dare to raise your level of relationship to a more serious direction. However, in general, women do not know how to measure and test the relationship that undertaken already eligible taken towards a more serious or not. They still easily assess a match with a partner without studying the character of their partner alone. Although marriage is not a thing that must in a hurry to be done by you as a couple. However, there is good since you and your partner are able to manage the steps together to take your relationship to a more serious with him. Here are four important stages before deciding on your relationship with him brought into a more serious direction, as summarized from eHow, among others:

1. Approach

The approach is a phase prior to the decision to enter into a relationship with a man. Approaching each other in various forms, chase, invites a walk to the mall is a few things that are generally done by a partner when approached with the intention to know the each other more personal and individual character. The approach is generally done by men, but sometimes also done by women. You must have gone through this phase before taking the decision to establish a serious relationship with your current partner. In general, both men and women, each having an ashamed and a fairly high level of prestige each other because you and he generally still mutual wondered about how each other's feelings.

2. Falling in love

The happy cloud is an appropriate term when you and he recently inaugurated your relationship with him. You and he will experience an incredible in love, where you'll really being felt in love. This condition is a normal thing that is demonstrated by a new partner. Feelings of love turbulent and passionate between you and he is a joy in itself. You would think that he is the best, most special, and of course, be perfect for you, and also feel that you and he will not hurt each other because of love. Although there small intersection, you and he will mutually tolerate it.

A serious relationship

3. The original characters

When you have passed the stage in love which you and he had a great flush of love, of course, there will be a phase transition. The next phase which mutually show the true character and will begin to perceive that your partner is not perfect and has shortcomings. You will be trying to get to know more about the character and habits of your partner. That case this, of course, will be conducted by your partner on yourself. Attitude and original character shown by their male partners for couples who had long been in a relationship. Most couples get a sense of disappointment that the love of women will fade against their partners. Generally, this phase is a phase of maturity for you with your partner. That's because this phase is also very often cause problems of romance between you and your partner, so it takes a good communication and mutual understanding to get through this condition.

4. Getting comfort

When you and your partner are always experiencing debates and quarrel with him, it should not be viewed as something that signifies that you and he were no matches anymore. The comfortable condition does not always identified with a relationship of love is fine. It is precise to be able to have a good impact on your relationship with him because it makes you closer and intimate with him. It also signifies that you and your partner are able to confront and through the happy times or difficult times in your relationship. Quarrel could make you and your partner know each other better and understand each other. When you've been through periods like the above are healthy, of course, your relationship with your partner can be lasting even possible to move to a more serious stage.

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