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Health examination should be done before get married

To love and be loved by a partner is the most beautiful thing that can happen in someone's life. But enough that only love as capital to get married? The answer is "No".

Mental or psychological readiness to be considered. Even now, already raised awareness of women to perform medical tests and consultation with a psychologist as a provision to establish a harmonious household with a prospective partner.

The reason is obvious. Without sufficient capital, a love that became the foundation of a household may falter. Similarly, if one of the parties contracted a venereal disease, or infertile / barren. Because if the marriage has occurred, blaming each other is certainly not the right solution. Therefore, only love alone will not be enough to make a capital get married.

Before marriage, there are things that should not be overlooked, namely medical tests. This test is also called a premarital medical examination, or premarital check-ups. This test is very important for the health of you and your partner. The medical examination should be done six months before the wedding took place.

Checking reproductive health

So what needs to be checked before marriage?
The most important test is a test of the reproductive and genital parts. This check is applicable for both men and women. Before getting married, you should know in advance the presence or absence illnesses suffered by your potential partner in the genital organs and the reproductive organs. In addition, for the bride, it is also necessary to check her womb.

So before you get married, you should consult the genitals and reproductive health of you and your partner. The aim is that you both can accept each other as they are and take the anticipatory action necessary if it was found out that health problems. The purpose of this examination is also to investigate the disorder / disease that can cause infertility or difficult to obtain offspring.

If you and your partner are planning to get married, you should consult your health genital organs both to a specialist in skin and venereal. Check reproductive health and your partner's womb in an obstetrician. With proper diagnosis, it can be done immediately preventive action or treatment is needed. Do not let the disease damaging a household newlyweds. If the inspection is done before marriage, at least, the two sides mutually know each other's shortcomings on the part of genital and reproduction. Moreover, the male-female relationships are more permissive in this modern era resulted in the increasing tendency to occur promiscuity. Perhaps you have long known your partner and believe that she is a woman is best for you. But it would be nice if you and your partner undergo premarital medical examination. The goal is good, is not it?

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