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4 Romantic activities that you can do at night

A quiet atmosphere at night, you can use for making out with your partner. Here are four ideas romantic activities that you and your partner can do at night:

1. Romantic dinner

Cooking dinner for your partner with all of her favorite food menus, and surprise her when he returned home from work. To make it more fun and romantic, you both can cook together. Make a special menu by cooking some foods, the first time you ordered at the restaurant, where you first date. Create a romantic atmosphere by turning off the lights and light a candle. And, if you singe your dishes (of course, by mistake), do not be disappointed. Go to your favorite restaurant together, and laugh culinary disaster for you both to enjoy a sumptuous dinner.

2. Walking just you both

You can freely share many things in silence as you both walking. Walking with friends is one of the ancient ways of making out. But it can help to develop a strong bond. After dinner, you both can walk to the nearest beach (if any). You can walk around and watching the waves and the people around you. You can talk about your memories, your first date, any funny incident in your relationship or a gift from your partner that you like best. Choose a quiet place to sit for a few minutes. If the weather is unfavorable, sit out on the balcony or terrace and enjoy a quiet moment with your partner.

Romantic at night

3. Reading together a romantic novel

If you both have hobbies are reading, try this idea. Choose from your bookcase a romantic novel with scenes of drama and intimate scenes. Read this novel together with a loud sound. Each took turns reading each section or chapter. You may eventually find it funny and laughed out loud. But it could be influenced by the content of the novel, both of you will come to feel 'passionate' as well.

4. Make a small sacrifice

Do something that your partner likes, but you not like. Wear clothes that you not really like, but she likes to see you wear it, or give to her the TV remote when your favorite TV program is in progress. It may seem like a small and insignificant thing. But the 'small sacrifice' can deliver your message that you care about your partner and you are willing to sacrifice for your love life.

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