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Secret technique - Surefire ways to captivate a woman

Surefire ways to captivate a woman is to be something different from men in general. That are men (sorry) 'easy to fall in love'. Therefore, you should be something different. Make you a challenge for her. This is the basis of secret techniques to captivate a woman where this technique is a technique to make a woman chase you. Not you who pursue her. Let's look at the discussion about the secrets captivate women. Which you should strive to have 2 capital and 2 different mindsets than most men, namely:

Two major capital to captivate women:
First, have a passion / hobby that you can be happy, and put happiness above the woman's passion. So when a woman gave a poor response you will still be happy that in the end you will be reverse respond calmly and well. Without making mistakes that actually make you lose your feeling to a woman. On the other hand, you become a man who is very interesting that a man who has a life interest. Which women who do not like close to a cheerful guy and have interesting activities?

Second, start hanging out with women as much as possible and do not be picky women to be friends. So when you approach a woman, but she was away or maintain a distance to you, you can give a sense of comfort that she need to not even pursue her constantly. Because you still have friends that maybe they would be more suited for you. It could be a woman who had been away from you will come back to you because they are convenient and need the comfort while with you.

Captivate a woman or girl

Two main mindsets to captivate women:
First, approach women as your friend. Give her comfort and not give fear to pursue them.

Second, treat women equally. Do not give a special taste to the woman that you're the approach. But treat women with special taste after she died of love for you.

Ok, let's go for a more detailed discussion:

Yes ! different !
Things that can to make a woman become curious. In fact, she would chase you because you become a challenge for her!

If you like to play badminton and you always win easily or if you are watching a movie and the story is not predictable, then you would be curious. Women need something different that will be a challenge for her. Without challenges, women will easily saturate. Tragically, the bad effects of the absence of something different are not only saturated but also negative thinking. If you are too easily lured to women (like men out there), she not returned love to you. However, instead, she may be having negative thoughts about you. If nothing something different, women will easily saturate, negative thinking, away, even disappear from your life. So how to become different for women correctly? Do all the things that are different from what men in general.

Beautiful asian girl

The first thing that is most difficult are:
When men are generally not willing to let go of the women who they loved. Then, you should be willing to let go of your woman idol, no matter how much you want her. Why is it important? Because if your heart always hopes to a woman, instead you will be pursuing her. In fact, you invoke (as to the point or not) to a woman to love you.

Chasing and begging are a form of weakness which generally hit men who are not willing to let go of the woman. For not fall into this then you should try to have two major capital and two main mindsets as above. Read again the capital of the above to clarify its meaning.

You must show that you are not the same as those who easily want to genuflect, chasing and begging to the women. So if dare lets go of the idol of the heart means that you let her go just like that? Of course not! Dare to let go of her what I mean is when you love a woman, do not just look superficially identical with her physical beauty. But also, see from her personality. If evidently she showed a personality that does not match your expectation, then you have to let she go. Then you will look different from men in general. Such as:
  • Be a challenge which makes her curious.
  • Not easily succumbed to women.
  • Has a commitment to standard and principle in selecting women.

But, no matter how many surefire ways to captivate a woman that you're read and measuring any sage advice that you're received. You will never know the result if you have not been proven in your actions. Just do it!

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