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9 Characteristics of a wife who brings a lot of sustenance

Obtaining an ideal wife may have is something that is desired by men. So also with women. Who women are not want to have a husband who righteous and the corresponding requirement of the coveted ideal? But we know that no human being is perfect. We can only strive to be able to carry out their respective role as much as possible and in accordance with what is blessed by Allah Ta'ala.

There is an advice to a husband. Make your wife is happy because it can expedite the sustenance. Is it true? The following traits of a wife who can be will bring sustenance to her husband:

Women who are obedient to Allah and Apostle
There are four factors into consideration while before get married with a woman, namely because (first) religion, (second) offspring, (third) property and (fourth) beauty. We were instructed to choose a woman because of her religion, lucky if it can obtain all four.

Women who are obedient to Allah and Apostle will bring household to heaven, toward peace. Household were tranquil, cozy, happy that fortune is precious. Household headed by a pious husband who was accompanied by salehah wife, will make household into blessing, produce pious / salehah children, gained pleasure and mercy of Allah.

Beautiful Muslim woman

Women who are obedient to her husband
If I could get someone to bow down to someone else, surely I would ordered a wife to bow down to her husband.
(hadith history by Tirmidzi and Ibn Majah)

During her husband command does not conflict with religion, so the wife must obey. Obedience of a wife to her husband would make her husband calm and peaceful heart. Husband can also run the obligation to seek halal sustenance for his family. As for the wife of a career outside the home can continue to work as long as her husband permit and the obligation to maintain herself well in the workplace.

The men is the leader on woman because of Allah has exaggerating some of them (men) over others (women) as well as the cause of a thing that has been their (men) means to spend of their wealth. So salehah women are submissive wife and maintain themselves in the back her husband such as Allah has been maintaining her.
(Qur'an Surah An Nisa: 34)

Women who serve well to her husband
The main duty of a wife is the mobilization of household work as well as possible, serve well to her husband and educate their children. A good wife tried to serve well to her husband as preparing foods, preparing needs, fulfill their biological needs, protect the feelings of her husband so that not to hurt her husband because of her attitude. Such a wife may be the most cherished by her husband, and could be a good partner in realizing household is sakinah and draw some positive things in the household, including sustenance for her husband.

Women who make-up only to her husband
Actually, the world is jewelry. And the world's best jewelry is salehah wife.
(hadith history by Muslim)

It is the nature of women who likes to preen and decorated. However, salehah wife just only ornate and show jewelry to her husband. Wife when viewed by her husband always fun, and knows how to make her husband happy. Wife that even the angels also pray for good fortune will come easier to him.

If left alone by her husband, maintain the honor and property of her husband
When her husband came out to earn a living, wife left at home should take care of her honor, keeping himself from guests who do not worthy, limit out of the house if they are not too important. Husband's wealth who are entrusted to her employed in some useful things with the permission of her husband. Wife like that, facilitate sustenance into her house as the reward of obedience to Allah and fidelity to her husband.

Women are always asking for the pleasure of her husband
A wife know how to make her husband happy. Protecting attitude and behavior so as not to offend and hurt the feelings her husband. She is always trying so that her husband not angry with her. She will not go to sleep in the angry situation or left her husband in an angry situation to obtain apology. Invites her husband jokingly to cheer her marriage. Attempting to educate their children well. Keep the marriage a secret from others.

Will you let me tell wives as inhabitants of heaven? They are wives loving, many children, always returning to her husband where if her husband angry and they went to him and put her hand on her husband's hand and said "I can not sleep until you are pleasure".
(hadith history by An Nasai).

Such a wife is a wife who facilitated sustenance through the hand of her husband because of deeds and devotion to her husband.

Women who willingly received the gift of her husband
A wife who never complained regardless of the sustenance that her husband brought home. Always willingly accept and respect whatever her husband obtained. Gets a lot of sustenance grateful. Got a bit of sustenance was accepted willingly. Wife like this was the wife who appreciate sustenance. Allah has promised that when we are thankful, Allah will add to our sustenance. Wife grateful and sincere, sustenance is always increasing. Neither the amount nor the blessings that will be given by Allah directly to her and through her husband.

Women who could become partner win the pleasure of Allah
A wife who make her household as worship, devotion to Allah. Can be a friend to her husband impartial discussion. Can make corrections and to submit it softly on her husband. Listening to advise and words of her husband with an attentive. Shortly before Sunnah worship, such as Sunnah fasting asking permission to her husband and not carry out if they are not allowed. Could be advocate and motivator husband to reach success of the world and hereafter. That is why there is the phrase "Behind the successful man there is a great wife behind him". Because a wife like this is the main sustenance her husband.

Women who never end pray for her husband
Wife grateful that the wife receives all the will / fate of Allah to him. But continue to do the best including to pray for her husband and children in order to be successful in the world and hereafter. The wife who never give up praying, but make it as daily habit, lip trimmer after prayer. A wife knows that sustenance of her husband will be increased. As well be blessed when she always involve Allah in every her husband's step through the prayers being said every day.

And just how lucky man if his wife could obtain the characteristics as above. If his wife had not yet having characteristics like the above, it is the duty of a husband to educate his wife. Because the wife is the husband's responsibility and he will be asked in the afterlife about it. Wallahu a’lam.

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