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10 Characteristics of a good woman to be your wife

I made this article so that you are ready to get married and for those of you who do not have a mate to read this article first. I will discuss the characteristics of a good woman to be wife. A wife is to accompany our lives until we die, the wife is different with girlfriend. If the girlfriend can be alternated. But if wife do not alternated, it is not good. Get on with it Below, I describe the characteristics of a good woman to be wife:

1) Obedient worship
Religion is a handle on life for us as human. Obedient to the religion also indicate that woman would be obedient to you. However, it does not mean that you can arbitrarily against her and ordered her to obey whatever you want. But obedient worship indicate that she also have a principle of life that is good and what is she elaborated.

2) Polite
Try to notice way she talk to her friends. Is she always pitched loud, screaming, or even polite and always softly in speechless? The characteristics of this is reflected which way she will speak to you and your family later.

3) Attention
'''How do you remember the birthday of my parents?''' You said. It is a good sign. He really attention to the little things like that. In fact, you're not married yet. After you come home from work, food is readily available. When you're sick, she cooked porridge for you. Little things like that that will help and strengthen your relationship. Does not man also likes given more attention from woman?

4) Full of patience
You are late for a date with her but she did not get mad when you came and she starved waiting for you for 30 minutes. Why patience is good characteristics? Just think if you're in any situation that smells of negatives, patience will help the atmosphere does not become worse. Imagine you're on a date with woman who can not wait. She was angry because you're not on time. A date that should be fun even be a bad experience.

5) Simple
Try to notice if she likes redundant in front of her friends? Does she likes to show off a new bag that she had just bought at same day? Woman who like to show off and not simple indicate that she was not confident. There are shortage that she had and wanted to cover it up by showing off something more from him. This trait is not good for men.

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6) Maintain beauty
It does not mean that women should look beautiful. But maintain the beauty it also means that women know how to maintain and care for herself. If you're on a date with her, consider the "make-up" that she wears. Is it too much to attract the attention of other people around you? Is she wearing a mini skirt excessive? Maintain the beauty that means keeping appearance enough and appropriately at the time and the right place.

7) Mature and wise
Men like women who are wise and be mature. On the times of trouble, they will need the help of a woman who is mature and wise in making decision.

8) Thrifty
Which men wants a woman that materialistic? Later when you are married to these woman, she would spend some money for shopping clothes unnecessary. Try to notice of how she spend her money now. Does she was among those who thrifty, stingy, or wasting money?

9) Motherhood
If a woman likes to play with small children, can hold the baby, waiting for them to sleep, and so on. These are the signs of a woman that you can imagine when she became your wife. She will become an intelligent mother in the household.

10) Steadfast suffering and willing to work hard
This is one of characteristics of a woman who is rather hard to find. Why? Women are familiar with the tradition in which men who are looking for money. On the difficult times, it is usually the woman is not unusual to work hard for the family. If you've found a woman who steadfast suffering and willing to work hard, care about and maintain her.

Well above it all are 10 Characteristics of a good woman to be your wife. Don't choose the wrong woman because wife always accompany you even though joy and sorrow. It is as if you make company and you're become a boss. You must find a secretary who is pretty and nice. Good Luck!!!!

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