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Is really human designed for having an affair?

One thing that become a question before a relationship with someone is whether they will remain loyal to us. We often ask ourselves whether we can remain faithful to our spouse? But most people only focus on partner loyalty levels, as if the only partner who will face the temptation.

Does everyone must have an affair? Whether infidelity is inevitable sooner or later because we are designed by nature to deal with many couples to procreate?

As with life in general, bad and good things can happen in a loving relationship. Positive and negative things come together in life and it is a lesson which we must accept as part of our live. So do not be resisted. We must embrace all the good and bad things that come into our live and use it to help us grow wiser and realize the relationship is really healthy and solid based on honesty, trust and understanding.

The truth is, we're all going to feel attracted to some people in our live. Most of us will feel attracted to "many" people, while some will only feel attracted to the "few" people. You which type? Regardless, the point is-we all feel attracted to someone other than our spouse. Does this mean we all will eventually be unfaithful? No, not at all! It is, however, a test of loyalty could come at any time and it is the responsibility of both parties to recognize temptation when it come, so it can be handled in the best way possible.

Affair 2 in 1

Like an animal, human is designed to reproduce. We meet someone interesting and I think we are very attracted to him. We all naturally programmed by nature to find people who are physically attractive, so that we can then mate and reproduce. This is not something we are aware and we think of when we're looking at an attractive person, but indeed this is what happened.

So what make remain faithful? Love, respect and discipline is the key. Some people also have confidence / particular religion that teach us to be faithful to one partner forever and never having an affair, even in the form of wishful thinking though. If you are not a religious person, you may have certain moral standard of the relationship and just believe that commitment means faithful to one person. Regardless of why you chose to remain faithful, the point is that we as human must be faithful to our spouse. But this does not explain why infidelity is still common. When you follow your natural design to reproduce and try to suppress it, there will be conflict and obstacle. This does not mean that everyone will eventually have an affair, but obviously you have to choose your partner wisely. Liaise with people who have the confidence and the same commitment to you. So if you have a strong belief in a monogamous relationship and really anti the affair, then you have to deal with people who are also anti-affair. This reduce your chance of having an affair. Of course, there is no 100% guarantee in life, but there are steps that can be taken to build the kind of relationship of love that you believe is right for you.

Be realistic about how human behave will also help you stay relaxed in a relationship. For example, even though you and your partner can remain faithful to each other, does not mean you will not feel attracted to other people. Feel attracted to other people has nothing to do with love and because it does not mean that you or your partner is no longer attractive. Feel attracted to other people is a normal thing. As long as you respond to the temptation to stay relaxed and not over the limit, there is nothing to worry about. You will soon realize when you are almost beyond the limit, but in the meantime, you and your partner need to relax and enjoy your relationship. You better focus on relationship and work together with a partner rather than spending your time worrying about your partner's fidelity. With strong relationship and a sense of love and respect each other, you both will be able to ward off the temptation of an affair.

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