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How to make your marriage "Anti Hurricane Infidelity"

There are moments in which you are very tempted to have an affair, but you should know that there is a way to transfer the interest to your spouse own.

Being a faithful spouse is not always easy, but it is the thing to do if you want to preserve your wedding. Although the temptation of an affair coming from all directions (in the office or in cyberspace), but there are ways to keep your relationship and your spouse so that you will not want an affair. The foundation for loyalty begins with openness, honest communication and a commitment to continue the relationship. In addition, there are other critical protective measures to ward off the temptation of an affair.

Acknowledge the temptations that you face
No matter how happy you are in your relationship, sexual desire may never disappear completely. Attraction to the opposite sex that sexy is human nature. There will always be people who we think are interesting, and it is healthy and normal. Actually there is nothing (even essential) to admit that you feel attracted to someone other than your spouse. Even fantasizing about this person in your mind was perfectly natural. But lest you beyond the limits of the attachment, both physically and psychologically with these people or confide in your spouse, which will actually make him feel hurt.

Make a contract with your spouse
Prepare clear boundaries with your spouse about what is acceptable in your relationship. Clear boundaries will eliminate the "gray area" that in the future could be a big problem between the two of you. For example, a kiss on the cheek with the opposite sex, may or not?

Divert desire to seduce opposite gender to seduce your spouse
When you're very tempted to have an affair, ask yourself why you want to do. Is it because you may feel there is something important was missing in your relationship, or the loss of a sense of "excited" that once you feel when close to your spouse. Immediately act and discuss it with your spouse. She/he also might want to restore the romance in your relationship. Either by sending an SMS intimate, or dressed sexy, or through humor. All you can try to restore the intimacy between you both.

Hurricane infidelity

Create your relationship is always passionate
You and your spouse should try to make your love life more fun and excitement. Discover how to turn on the fire of love in your bedroom. You may feel embarrassed at first, but rest assured, it only needs a bit of effort to get out of your comfort zone and try something new. Start with sex positions or new sex aids. Sex can be boring or fun. All depends on you both. Remember that the temptation for cheating will always be there, especially if you've been married for years. Therefore, sex life should you keep warm.

Remember what made ​​you fall in love with your spouse
Remember how you felt when you first saw it and when you are both going together? When we first meet someone, we will assume that person has a personality, ideas and unique insights. Although there may be many differences between the two of you, but still you mutually attracted to each other. Therefore, make sure each of you take the time to work on a hobby or hanging out with friends each.

You should always remember is that you need a relationship of communication and effort on both sides. It would also require a commitment to satisfy each spouse is physically and emotionally. By doing so, you will have a lasting relationship infidelity storm.

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