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6 Things are very difficult to expressed by men to women

Men tend to have a more open attitude than women. But there is a situation where men find it difficult to express his feeling. Know six men expressed difficult thing when they are in the wants situation.

1. I love you

Sounds cliche, but most men would feel uneasy and find it difficult to express the sentence. Towards give that sentence, usually the heart beat faster with a sweaty hand. Men will feel the fear of rejection. So, do not be surprised if you see a man's face looks red when expressing feelings of love in women.

2. This relationship does not run smoothly

Men will usually shy away when his partner start discussing continuance of relationship, especially when the relationship is not going well. Men also dislike seeing women cry in front of him because they do not want to be the ones to sin. To avoid this, they usually choose to be infuriating and waiting until his partner to the end the relationship.

3. Clothing is not good for you

Men will be hard pressed, to tell the truth when asked about women's appearance. If women ask for the opinion about the appearance, he would have been hard to say "the clothing is not right for you". Men will be 'looking for safe' by saying "tolerable" or "good one."

Can't talk

4. I need space

There are times when someone takes time for himself. For men, if he wants to spend time alone without a partner, it took great courage to express it. They do not want to hurt their partner when he want to be alone for a while. If he never revealed it, he might do certain tricks for example by reason of late or there was work outside the city.

5. I do not like hanging out with your friends

Most men do not like hanging out with friends of the female partner. If it 'forced' meet, they will be more to be silent and look clumsy. The atmosphere was uncomfortable for him. Not because he does not like your friends, but because the conversation will certainly be less disconnected.

6. Yeah, you're right

Male ego being so big is going down if he admitted that opinion of his partner is correct. When an argument and the fact you are right and he is wrong, he will be hard to admit. In such situation, most of men would choose to remain silent.

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