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12 Traits of men who most disliked by women

There are many traits very sweet man, infuriating, make smile. There are also that makes women upset and reluctant to relate to them. Well, here are 12 traits of men who most disliked by women, probably including you who are reading.

1. Rough

Women is a soft creature and disliked something violent. So when there was a rude men physically and verbally, it is inherently hated by women. Unfortunately, women who are in love frequently not aware that her lover has a rough trait.

2. Just take advantage of women's physical

The men who approached a women just because interested in their physical and take advantage of women's physical, well .. it is definitely included in this list.

3. Underestimating Women

Okay! men are more expert auto repair and automotive business. But that does not mean they should not underestimate a women who he said weakly, not nimble, can not this, can not it. Hey .. we are created different to complement each other. Underestimate women is tantamount to playing with fire.

4. Drunk hobby

Is there any women who liked men drunk hobby? Not to mention if drunk, the words coming out of his mouth can not be controlled, including his favorite play rough when drunk.

5. Aloof

Men are aloof to clear his mind. But it only took a little time, it was not until a matter of week. Men who are too aloof to be visible not have a life and unattractive to women.

6. Always talking about himself

OK, this men are handsome, rich, successful at young age and reap the praise of many people. But that does not mean he can talk about himself all day. Women will tired of hearing it.

Women avoid men

7. Always suspicious

A little bit suspicious, she just go 15 minutes to buy meatball even accused to meet with other men. Jealous is important, but always suspicious and accused doing not she do just will hurt women.

8. Workaholic

Men are required to become a provider for his family. Men who are already working and independent is a plus for those in her eyes. But .. if 24 hours and 7 days only dedicated to the work, which women are resistant.

9. Not romantic

For women, romance is very pleasant spice of life. There are some men who can not romantic, and unfortunately .. it is disliked by women. Unless the women really could accept the men with what it is.

10. Ignorant

Women happy if considered (men too). So .. when a relationship with a men, women very much hope to get more attention. If people who loved very not attentive, usually a women will feel unloved and unlovable.

11. Lazy

Lazy men who only likes to play games or sleeping all day is not a men who will be chosen by women to be her husband. Women need a tough guy who could be responsible for him. So we enter a lazy men on the list.

12. Stingy

It's not about wealth, but stingy men who is not very attractive for many women. If any date which pay is woman, the man is very counting about money, even openly ask buy pulse or gasoline (although his wallet not left behind), it is characteristic stingy men who could trouble her life.

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