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6 Signs He Will Come Back After No Contact

 Breaking up and cutting contact can be painful, but what happens when your ex comes back? Are you wondering if there's a chance he might come back after no contact? Here are 6 signs to look out for that may indicate he's still interested in you. From trying to break no contact to showing signs of jealousy, positive changes in his life, interest in your life, remorse for the way things ended, and talking about your future together, these are all signs that he may be thinking of coming back. Let's explore these signs in more detail.

6 Signs He Will Come Back After No Contact

1. He keeps trying to break no contact

Breaking up is hard, but sometimes necessary. If you've chosen to do no contact, then sticking to it can be a challenge. That's where this sign comes in. If he keeps trying to break the no-contact rule, it means he still wants to be in your life. You might receive calls, texts, and social media messages from him. You might bump into him in public places, but it's all a ploy to get back together with you. It could be a good sign, but it’s important to weigh whether it’s worth it to give him another chance. To handle the situation, keep in mind why you chose no contact, and weigh the pros and cons of reconnecting. If you do decide to get back in touch, make sure it's because you truly want to, not just because he keeps trying to contact you.

2. He shows signs of jealousy

We've all been there - seeing our ex moving on, dating someone new, and suddenly feeling a surge of jealousy. But what does it mean when he's the one displaying the signs of jealousy?

If he's showing up at places he knows you frequent, asking mutual friends about you, or even following you on social media, these are all signs that he's still interested. Of course, it's important to keep in mind that there's a fine line between showing interest and being possessive.

As tempting as it may be to play into his jealousy, it's important to handle the situation with maturity and respect. Acknowledge his feelings but also establish healthy boundaries. Remember, the ultimate goal is not just to get him back, but to cultivate a healthy and fulfilling relationship.

3. He's making positive changes in his life

Positive changes can come in many forms. It could be him getting a new job, a new hobby, or even moving to a new city. Regardless of what the change is, it's important to look out for them if you're hoping he will come back after no contact.

Why are positive changes important? They show that he's trying to improve his life. If he's making an effort to better himself, he may be more confident and ready to work on your relationship. His new hobbies or interests could also give you more to talk about when you eventually speak again.

So, how should you respond to his positive changes? Show your support! If he's told you about a new job, congratulating him could be a good starting point. You don't have to go overboard, but acknowledging his effort to improve is important.

Remember, seeing positive changes doesn't necessarily mean he will come back, but it's a good sign that he's taking steps in the right direction.

4. He's still interested in your life

If he's still showing interest in your life, it's a sign that he might be thinking about getting back together with you. He might ask mutual friends about you or check your social media profiles to see what you're up to.

This is a positive sign because it shows that he still cares about you and wants to be a part of your life. However, it's important to not get your hopes up too high and read too much into his actions.

If you're interested in getting back together with him, take it slow and see where things go. Don't jump right back into the relationship without giving it the proper time and consideration.

On the other hand, if you're not interested in getting back together with him, be honest with him and let him know that you appreciate his interest, but you're moving on. It's important to be clear and direct in your communication so that there is no confusion or false hope.

5. He's remorseful for the way things ended

Remorse is a powerful emotion that can lead to positive change. If your ex is showing genuine remorse for the way things ended between you two, it's a positive sign that he may come back. But how can you tell if he's sincere or just trying to manipulate you?

One way to gauge his sincerity is to look for specific reasons why he feels remorseful. If he only says things like ''I'm sorry things didn't work out'' without acknowledging any specific wrongdoing, his remorse may not be genuine.

You can also pay attention to his actions. Is he actively trying to make things right? Is he taking steps to improve himself or the situation that led to the breakup? This is a good indicator that his remorse is genuine.

Assuming he is sincere, how should you handle the situation? It's important to be open to the possibility of reconciliation, but you should also take things slow and make sure he's truly committed to making things work. Be clear about your boundaries and what you need from him to feel safe and secure in the relationship.

Ultimately, whether or not your ex comes back is out of your control. But if he's showing genuine remorse, it's a positive sign that he's willing to put in the work to make things right.

6. He's talking about your future together

If your ex is talking about your future together, that is a clear indication that he may come back. It shows that he is not only thinking of you, but he also has a desire to be a part of your life in the long term. 

Listen carefully to the type of language he uses when talking about your future together. Is he using words like "we" or "us"? If so, that means he sees the two of you as a team and wants to work together towards a shared future. 

Another good sign to look out for is his willingness to make plans and set goals with you. If he's talking about things like travel plans or saving up for a house together, that means he's serious about making a future with you. 

When responding to his future talk, be open and honest about your own feelings. If you're still interested in a future with him, let him know. But also be cautious and don't jump into anything too quickly. Take it slow and make sure you're both on the same page before making any big commitments. 

Remember, just because he's talking about your future together doesn't guarantee that he'll come back. But it's definitely a strong indicator that he's considering it.


Don't lose hope just yet! If your ex keeps trying to contact you, shows signs of jealousy, makes positive changes in his life, is still interested in your life, is remorseful for the way things ended, and talks about your future together, then there's a good chance he may come back after no contact. Keep the communication open and see where it goes. And if it doesn't work out, there are plenty of fish in the sea.

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