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5 Ways To Forget An Ex-Girlfriend You Still Love

 Do you keep circling back to the memory of your ex-girlfriend whom you still love deeply? You're not alone in this boat. It's completely natural to still harbour feelings for one's ex-partner. However, with each passing day, it's crucial to make forward strides towards healing. But you may ask now, ''How to forget an ex-girlfriend you still love?'' Let's answer that.

5 Ways To Forget An Ex-Girlfriend You Still Love

This part of the article focuses on techniques that can help create some emotional distance. Get tips on how to forget an ex-girlfriend you still love. Learn how to mend the broken heart with self-love, time, and new perspectives.

1. Embrace your feelings

The first, and perhaps the most critical, step towards forgetting is acknowledging your feelings. It's okay to feel love, anger, or sadness. It's part of being human. But won't dwelling on these emotions make it harder to forget, right? Not necessarily. Letting out these feelings can actually provide the catharsis needed to move on.

2. Find a new hobby or interest

Whiskey may claim to be man’s best friend after a breakup, but it's actually a fresh hobby or interest that does the trick. Why not start painting, running or coding? These activities provide a healthy distraction, helping you channelise your energy productively.

3. Confide in friends and family

As social beings, we derive strength from our personal connections. Don't hesitate to lean on your entourage during this testing time. Your friends and family can offer a different perspective, helping you to heal faster.

4. Maintain healthy boundaries

It's challenging to forget her when you're continually stalking her social media profiles. Put an end to this unhealthy habit. Maintain some digital distance to start the process of forgetting.

5. Give yourself time

Remember, there aren't any quick fixes in love's labyrinth. Detaching from someone whom you've loved takes time. So, be patient with yourself.


Forgetting an ex-girlfriend you still love can feel like climbing Mount Everest at times. But with the right mindset, emotional health tools, and support network, it's doable. The above strategies won't make your feelings disappear instantly, but over time, it gets easier. Can you really forget someone completely, though? Maybe not, but you can definitely look back without pain one day.

Remember, moving on is less about forgetting and more about looking forward with renewed hope and optimism. So, let this journey be a stepping stone to personal growth and newfound love.

Live it, learn it, and move on. Because the best is yet to come!

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