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7 Signs ex-boyfriend wants you back

Can not move on from an ex-boyfriend? Nothing wrong if you ask him to turn over, who knows he also has not had a new girlfriend again. Regret like this you should think about before deciding to break up. But no doubt that someone who is emotion will take a hasty decision until, in the end, the regret came.

If you are now regretting all that has happened, then just pray if he also felt the same. But before you run the action, you should know some code if it turns out he is also still expecting you. Let's look at the seven signs he wants to get back together.

1. He still calls you often

At first, he might ask about your mother, but he did not get there, he called you again and again. If that happens, then feel free to open a chat about your relationship and him.

2. He still likes to monitor you in social media

Suddenly he often gives like or love and did not hesitate to comment on your photos. Yes, he's missed you, besides he's also curious about your news after breaking up with him.

3. Invites to meet

He who still likes stalking will eventually find the right time to ask you to eat out. And, yup, if this happens, then no doubt that ex-boyfriend has not been able to move on.

He wants back

4. He is not making a mistake but apologizes

In the midst of a chat, he suddenly apologized for all the mistakes he had done. Though it has passed, it seems that he is very sorry for the mistake he considered as the cause of both of you broke up.

5. He came to the house and gave you a gift

Whether you're a birthday or not, but the arrival of him alone should be questioned because you have no relationship, right?

6. He said still love you

Hmmm, if the words are still loving already out of his mouth, then it is a very-very clear code. The ex-boyfriend wants to get back to you.

7. Invite back

In the end, he asks you back. Do not need to overcome thinking, if you still love your ex-boyfriend, then it would not hurt to start a relationship from the beginning. But neither you nor he should be equally promised to change and will not repeat the same mistakes. Read also: 5 Signs your boyfriend still loves his ex-girlfriend.

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