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9 Relationship rules for a girl

As long as you are not committed to creating a better relationship, you may have difficulty maintaining your romance. If you want your relationship to stay lasting, there are some rules that you must obey. What is it? Here are nine relationship rules for a girl to follow for your relationship to remain lasting.

1. Try to do the best for your couple. While it may seem difficult not to be selfish in some ways, this rule can certainly make your relationship more lasting.

2. Think from his perspective, when you are at loggerheads. Solve your problems as soon as possible, do not be delayed or left alone. Trivial matters can get big, just because you delayed it for so long.

3. Learn to give space to each other. Do not force him to be with you, when he wants to do something different.

Rules for girl
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4. Make sure that you always build good communication with him, especially if you two rarely meet.

5. Do not be afraid to criticize the couple, if it's for his good. As long as you say it politely, it will help him become a better person.

6. Give your shoulders to be a place for him lean. Stand for your partner in his hard times, and when the storm ends, your love will shine brighter.

7. Praising all his achievements and supporting anything that can make him happy. Your compliments will be a booster for him, and he will certainly appreciate the attention.

8. Never try to make your partner look bad in front of you or even in front of others.

9. Learn to forgive, without holding a grudge. If your partner's mistake can still be tolerated, it could not hurt to forgive him. However, if what it does is hurt you, take a firm decision to end it. Read also: Relationship rules for guys.

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