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8 Trivial things to prevent divorce

You've been preparing for the wedding with the passionate and super complicated. But not how long, even ask for a divorce. It is not just a mere written material you know. Precisely this case was beset many couples and make divorce rate is increasing in number. Somehow, such a marriage was made into a game in which the perpetrators can play and give up anytime. It is as if the promise was saying no meaning.

The reason for divorce is the most popular and frequently expressed by them was ''we are no longer appropriate''. This sentence became a weapon to be separated from a partner who had said that they loved. Is it true that divorce should be the end of any dispute in marriage?

Prevent divorce

Health Relationship California feels curious about the high divorce rate everywhere. As a result, they then make a research about it and emerged as a surprising number of research results. Only 55% of married couples who are happy with their marriage and remain committed to the marriage bond. Where are the rest?

Well, we may say that the ego and prestige are the biggest things that led to quarrels in the family. If you maintain it, then the resulting household will never be happy. No wonder if the divorce becomes the path taken by them. In fact, each partner should be able to hold it together when all married couples do the following four trivial things to prevent divorce.

1. Kissing and hugging

Usually, couples who do this just newlyweds. That's because it is still warm, kisses and hugs are always present in every occasion. But when the husband and wife are busy with activities and children, generally sweet habit will slowly fade. Embarrassed seen by children, or prestige nobody starts first. Then kiss and a hug just becomes history.

Even if it seems trivial, the actual presence of kisses and embraces are crucial in a relationship. It can keep the intimacy, affection and warmth between couples. A kiss and a hug don't get lost during the life of your marriage. Read also: Powerful tips to stop your divorce.

2. The same responsibility about housework

Felt has been working hard for money, usually a man reluctantly doing housework. As a result, women who have to bear and do it. Under certain conditions, women can realize that her husband was too tired to do household chores. However, no doubt that women want this job, and you do not just leave it as a burden on her shoulders. Women also want her husband could help ease the work together for the unity of household and comfort together. Therefore, the husband and wife should be able to share family responsibilities together. Bear it as a thing which is already a risk for couples or parents. Read also: Tips to avoid a divorce in the family.

3. Multiply the word "we."

Often, think of the "I" makes each partner to be more selfish and self-centered. In fact, if already married should something thought up by you are for the good of both of you, not just the right of each party. The key to the household is not always the fuss by the problem is to think in the interest of both. Begin to use the word 'we' instead of 'I' in solving a problem, and so forth.

4. Listening and speaking positively

Bad habits when dating, you do not take after marriage. When talking with your partner is also no need to carry emotions first. Listening is a mandatory thing to do so you are not always misunderstanding. Also, many talk about things that are positive, praising your partner, and give encouragement to the couple, so that the aura in the house become much more confident.

How about the presence of a third person that can lead to divorce? A third party will not exist if you do four things above. So, do not be afraid and worry excessively again. Marriage is not a scary thing, and you do not need to be scared.

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