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9 Tips to forget ex-girlfriend after break up

Parting with a girlfriend is easy. But the difficult thing is to forget her. How can you forget your ex-girlfriend if many a romantic story that you both spent together? In this case, forget ex-girlfriend be the hardest of all.

Forgetting ex-girlfriend is not as easy as turning the palm of the hand. As the song lyrics of Elvy Sukaesih ''Want to eat thought of you, going to bed thinking about you, would any thought of you''.

The easiest ways to forget ex-girlfriend after break up

All are just thoughts that come and passed. What have you spent together with an ex-girlfriend was over, and that means it's finished. All that is left to the head just tormenting memories. For those of you (until now is still hard to forget ex-girlfriend), 9 tips to forget ex-girlfriend below may help you.

1. Keep out the memory of her

Combine all objects or gifts from your ex-girlfriend to a particular place and save it as far as possible to the place you are hard to see it. You can keep in a box and store in a warehouse, or you can also give it to others.

Forget ex-girlfriend

2. Don't remember the kindness of ex-girlfriend

It does not mean that you are selfish. But sometimes the feeling can be dissolved only by remembering the kindness of your ex-girlfriend. If you want to remember, the better you remember the things that make you both break up. The desire to return to ex-girlfriend is adamant, especially if you've just broken up a few weeks. Forget all her kindness. (Read also: Trivial things that make guy leave his girlfriend).

3. Don't compare

Do you have a new girlfriend but still hard to forget ex-girlfriend? If the answer is yes, then you do not compare. Everyone has the advantages and disadvantages of each. If you compare between ex-girlfriend with a new girlfriend, then you will continue to remember her. (Read also: Signs your boyfriend still loves his ex-girlfriend).

4. Live in the present, not in the past

As the kite string is broken. No matter how strong you are trying to connect it, the rest of the line will remain visible as well. Likewise, dating relationships are broken because different principles.

Live in the present, and the past is only a memory. Let the story of your past becomes part of your life history. Perhaps your ex-girlfriend also was thinking about you like you're thinking about her. But that is not the reason for the relationship could be like before. Live your life! Remembering only for aged people only.

5. Avoid nostalgia

Don't cry for what is not yours. Actual, failure is not achieving what it is not our right. Stop be nostalgic and remember your old story. There is no point to enter things that are not relevant to the head.

Avoid visiting places that allow you to remember about your ex-girlfriend. Avoid looking keepsakes you both. Past let it pass; it's time you were looking to the future. Being happy is your right.

6. Admit that you are injured

No matter how strong person, if they're broken-hearted, indeed they become unstable and sad. Humans are creatures who are weak and also strong. First of all, accept that anything we have experienced already by nature is so. By accepting, we become resigned and handed it all to the Almighty.

7. Let go of negative emotions from the inside

Cry doesn't need to hold back a cry. Sadness is a negative energy which must be released. It can be a way to cry or scream. The best if you went to the beach and sat quietly staring at the sea. The salty sea water can attract negative energy in the body. You do not need to shout. Simply sit quietly on the seafront. It has been able to pull out negative energy and your burdens.

8. Assemble with friends

Laughing and hanging out with friends can help you release negative energies in yourself. Confide and consulting to a friend will also help you think clearly. Enjoy every moment with friends and family. Convince yourself that what you experience today is better than before.

9. Stay positive thinking

The old man said ''when one door closes, another nine doors will open to us''. We did not see the other nine doors because we were too dissolve in the dumps. Forget your ex-girlfriend, listen to the old man and start thinking positively.

There are many other tips on how to forget her that you can exploit. But all the tips and methods are only useful if you have a commitment to forget her. Without a commitment to get out of the sad mood, you are impossible to forget her.

Similarly, nine tips on how to forget ex-girlfriend and move on. Don't forget to keep praying to God and to learn from experience. Nothing is by chance in this world. That which we experience is learning to deal with things that are more important in the future.

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