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10 Tips for healthy relationship with girlfriend

What does the term healthy relationship? It judging from various social and community norms, the primary requirement is a healthy relationship doesn't become pregnant outside of marriage. Additionally, healthy relationships also still have a broad definition, among others, don't hurt each other, both physically and psychologically. The healthy relationship also means to build and motivate each other between the partner and could grow things that are positive. For example, more diligent in worship, learn, more attention to appearance, and so on. Well, what are some tips on a healthy relationship? Here's the full article from Ghufron XYZ:

1. Determine the limit you both

Talk about the limitations that you have to watch during courtship. Restrictions could be in the form of physical contact or non-physical. Examples of physical limitations are that you will not want to kiss or hold hands during still in the stage of courtship. Examples of non-physical limitations are privacy, where your girlfriend should not arbitrarily open SMS on your cell phone without permission. Two things that are just simple examples of restrictions that must be determined to be healthy dating. Remember, identify the limits by the principles that you grasp firmly. Once set boundaries, do not want to compromise. Keep you and your girlfriend doesn't violate the "fence" have you got up earlier.

2. Communication

Smooth and regular communication are one of the main requirements of healthy dating. Communication can deepen a relationship, avoid misunderstandings and prevent you from hurting each other. Whenever there are problems, try to talk openly directly about your girlfriend. Of course, you should always be honest if you wish your girlfriend were also the same attitude.

Communication becomes very vital, especially for those of you who long distance relationships. If you think you are less comfortable with your girlfriend or your relationship situation, discuss real terms. Use communication as a means to solve problems together, find solutions, and to understand one another better.

3. Reduce physical contact

Excessive physical contact, of course, can lead to lust. Well, that is dangerous is when you both can not control the passions. It is certain to be the things to be desired. One of the characteristics of a healthy courtship in eastern culture is to minimize physical contact, especially if you are just alone with your girlfriend.

Healthy relationship with girlfriend

Maybe some people argue that physical contact is still necessary to maintain the relationship to keep warm. Well, as long as you feel the touching does not cause lust you both. Maybe it can still be tolerated. But if you feel something different from a physical contact, then stop, and should not be passed on.

4. Exchanging ideas and opinions

Take advantages of courtship as a relationship which is not only romance. But also something that can make you more mature and more insightful. The trick is simple, as often as possible to discuss with your girlfriend. Discussions can include social news, the things that you like, work, career, study, or just about yourself.

Be open to receiving opinions, and even criticism during the discussion. Use the moment of conversation to understand your girlfriend better, especially on topics that got her interested. One more point, you can also make the discussion moment as a means of introspection and fix yourself.

5. Supporting each other

Courtship healthy means it could give a positive impact for both of you. Be a guy who could provide support on your lover. Encourage her to do things that are positive, continue to motivate her reaching her dreams, and comforting when she was in grief. If you do it sincerely, then your girlfriend will also do the same for you.

The forms of support can give in a variety of ways, ranging from support to a speech of encouragement. Apparently, try to be your relationship with her to bring something positive and make you become a better person and mature.

6. Build a relationship with your girlfriend's family

The supporting factors which could favor the occurrence of a healthy relationship is a sense of responsibility. Well, a sense of liability of your with your girlfriend will be awakened when you both know each other their respective families. Therefore, always introduce your girlfriend to the family, especially of your mother and father. Take your time to visiting each other and introduced themselves.

A sense of responsibility to be present when of your are not just try to keep your girlfriend feelings, but also her family. You would think a thousand times when they want to hurt her, or if you want to cause trouble with her. Read also: Tips to build trust with your girlfriend.

7. Avoid dating in your private places

To prevent the risk of a variety of unwanted things, then avoid to dating alone. Especially if it's have done in your private area. Don't date in you room, dorm room, or in places that fully belong to you even if only temporarily (e.g., a hotel room).

If indeed you need to discuss something privately, choose a café or restaurant where you can talk. Look for places where there is still the control and supervision of another person, so that you will not easily do all sorts.

8. Education and understanding about s*x

Teaching and understanding about s*x are necessary if you want a healthy courtship. Learn well the risk of free-s*x, things that could lead to pregnancy, the concept of contraception, and the impact of pregnancy outside marriage (both men or women). An understanding of s*x education could keep you from the negative things. Read also: Warning signs of an unhealthy relationship.

Today, the concept of sex education has been more openly discussed compared to when the generation of our parents. Therefore, be sure to obtain valid and accurate information. If necessary, ask it at the teacher, doctor, or both your parents.

9. Closer yourself on God

Factors of spiritual and religion which you profess are also the crucial role to create a healthy courtship situation. In any religion, certainly has defined various limits of the relationship between men and women as long as they are unmarried. Well, keep your relationship does not violate the limits set by the religion. Every time you both have a mind to break it, remember about God and prohibitions.

One characteristic of a good girlfriend is if she can make you closer to the figure of God, and not alienate. Therefore, try to remind and motivate each other regarding worship.

10. Think about the future

The healthy courtship can happen when you both think well about the future. What are the ideals, that you want to achieve? What would you do with your life? Do you want to make your parents proud? Remember the future and your dreams every time you are dating. Don't let it foundered because of a spontaneous unplanned, for instance, must be the parents in your teenage years.

Of course, the future that you should think not just only your future, but also the future of her. What are the ideals that she wanted? What his expectations on yourself? Do you are want to marry her and build a family that is honored and happy?

Well, that was are how to build healthy relationships. Remember, all the decisions and actions in your hands. Make sure you are not to misstep, and always tried to foster a healthy relationship.

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