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50 Romantic things to do with your boyfriend

A relationship requires a small spark that can strengthen the relationship between you and him. You do not have to do anything serious. Even romantic and fun things, you can also do to warms your relationship.

You do not need a lot of things to add a little spark in your relationship. Read the 50 romantic things to do with your boyfriend:

1. Seeing the sunset together.
2. Whispering to each other.
3. Cooking for one another.
4. Measure intake based on activity. Not how you feel in the mood of the mandate should intake.
5. Walk in the rain. (Read also: Understanding the behavior of men in terms of hormonal).
6. Hold the hand of your boyfriend.
7. Buy a small gift for each other.
8. Give the gift of roses. (Read also: Why the rose considered as a symbol of love).
9. Finding out his favorite perfume / cologne, and wear every time you're together.
10. Go for a long walk down the beach at midnight. (Read also: 4 Romantic activities that you can do at night).
11. Write a poem to each other.
12. Hugs are the universal medicine.
13. Say I love you, only if you sincerely and make sure he knows that you are very sincere.
14. Give random gifts, such as flowers, chocolates, candies, poetry etc.
15. Tell him that he's the only man who ever you want. Do not lie!
16. Spend every second possible together.
17. Staring at each other's eyes.
18. Very lightly push up his chin, look into his eyes, tell him that you love him, and kissed him lightly.
19. When in public teasing each other.
20. Enter a love letter in his pocket when he was not looking.
21. Buying a wristwatch.
22. Sing to each other. (Read also: 100 Most popular love songs for someone who you love).

Romantic with boyfriend

23. Always hold him around the waist.
24. Take him to dinner and do the dinner for the two-deal.
25. Painting together.
26. Hold his hand, looked into his eyes, kiss his hand and then put it over your heart.
27. Dance together.
28. Tell him that you like the way a man looks right after he fell asleep with his head on your lap.
29. Do the sweet. Eg writes I love you in a paper. So he should look in a mirror to read it.
30. Make the reason for call him every five minutes.
31. Even if you are really busy doing something, go out of your way to call and say I love you. (Read also: 5 Tips to maintain relationship for couples who have busy each).
32. Call from your vacation spot to tell him that you are thinking about him.
33. Remember your dreams and tell about him.
34. Tell each other your most sacred secrets / fears.
35. Be beautiful princess to his parents.
36. Brush his hair out of his face for him.
37. Hang out with his friends.
38. Go to church, pray, and worship together.
39. Take him to see a romantic movie and remember the parts he likes.
40. Learn from each other and not make the same mistake twice.
41. Describe the joy you feel just to be with him.
42. To sacrifice for one another.
43. Really love each other, or do not live together.
44. Let never for one moment during the day to remember that you do not think about him and make sure he knows it.
45. Love yourself before you love someone else.
46. Learn to say sweet things in foreign languages.
47. Dedicate a song on the radio.
48. Sleeping on a payphone with each other.
49. Stand up for him when someone talks trash.
50. Don't forget the kiss goodnight and always remember to say, "sweet dreams".

Whether you feel that your relationship a little problematic or being beautiful. There must be something in the list above that will make your boyfriend's face smiling. Today is a good day to start.

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