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5 Most appropriate times to ask for marriage counseling help

Nothing marriage is perfect or always run smoothly. Every marriage will indeed run into problems, either large or small to be faced by every couple. But sometimes, seek professional help to solve household problems can become the only way to save the marriage and prevent divorce. But unfortunately, most couples feel reluctant to ask for help, even when they realize that their marriage has broken down. Here are five most appropriate times to ask for marriage counseling help, as reported Boldsky.

Marriage counseling help

1. Violence

Violence does not just happen physically, but also verbally, emotionally and financially. When your partner repeatedly commits violence to you, we advise you to seek the help of counseling. Couples are always being rude will not change their behavior in the absence of external influences. However, usually, the victims are too afraid to report or face abusive partner. Read also: Why women survive with their abusive partner.

2. Trust

Each couple was advised to seek counseling assistance when they are experiencing a crisis of confidence in the partner, or often accused of having an affair, but it is not. Lack of confidence can stem from various reasons like insecurity. Read also: Build trust issues in relationships.

3. Communication

Men and women have many diverse ways of communicating. Even so, any couple must continue to build a secure communication between each other. It because you and your partner live under the same roof. Communication is the key to a lasting marriage and happy. If your partner insists on not open himself to you, you are advised to seek counseling assistance. Read also: The importance of counseling to overcome marital conflicts.

4. Hatred

One of the main reasons why the marriage finally ended is hatred. The husband may resent the fact that his wife gets more of him, either in a career or role in the household. A woman may hate her husband because not let her work. It's not healthy because it would hurt the marriage itself. Read also: 5 Steps to leaving emotionally abusive relationship.

5. Intimacy

You may have been away slowly from the partner without knowing it. The loss of intimacy can play a significant role in the decline of the fire of love in marriage. You should consider it as a severe warning sign that you need to seek help immediately. Lack of intimacy between you and he could be a sign of the impending marriage if not handled properly.

Similarly, some of the signs that indicate when you need to seek the help of marriage counseling. So, make sure that you always pay attention to the little things that can undermine harmony in your household.

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