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The reasons why man gives false hope

Establishing a closeness with a man, certainly for the woman becomes a matter that normal and common. When a man with the frequency of asking a woman to go out with him, it will describe a closeness to one another. However, sometimes there is a man who has a bit of a unique character. Wherein he sees the closeness as something that is mediocre and does not need to be used as a step in the affirmation of closeness that exists between them. It certainly illustrates that the man is a class of men giving false hope.

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For women who are in this condition, where a man who established a closeness to those who until now has not become an obvious closeness. It makes them think hard to interpret this closeness. Surely this is not only done by men, but a woman can also have such character.

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According to a pretty psychologist, Ratih Ibrahim, when the couple both man or woman who turned out they only give false hope to their partner, it becomes a thing without due reason. The phenomenon must be based on a rationalization for the culprit. Ratih assumes that man or woman who shows such behavior is actually a part of diplomacy or preamble alone. When one of the couple either man or woman who establish a closeness and not reinforce themselves against such closeness but preserving the closeness under the pretext of good relations, all of it, of course, reflects the character that is not clear.

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When somebody feels reluctant to say and trying to keep the feeling, as mentioned above, it can be classified into a partner who has a character that is not firm. Someone who has a character like this tends to indicate where he would only give false hope to the people close to them. That's because in fact they are not willing to respond to such closeness to serve as a serious thing as a relationship. But he did not dare and firmly to express or show through concrete actions. A man who has such characters will certainly show the attitude give hope to the closeness that exists between the another woman in order that he will not be the object of hatred by them.

Reasons give false hope

Besides the above, there are other things which will then be shown by the man who only gave false hope namely the attitude that is manipulative. Of course, this attitude illustrates an attitude that only utilize the woman close to them. Sex and material would become an object of manipulation attitude shown by men who has character giving false hope to the woman who were with them.

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Not just stop there, a man who has character giving false hope will show that he is an opportunist. Any measures and the actions of the woman close to him, it was seen as something legitimate. In other words, the man thought that when he gives false hope to a woman close to him, he will not feel guilty with the attitude he has shown towards the victims.

Some of the above can certainly be the materials of your analysis. Does your closeness with him at this time that in fact is someone who only give false hope into the reasons which.

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