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4 Trivial things that make guy leave his girlfriend

Choosing to build a love affair, of course, you already had the decision to dare to risk a broken heart. Broken hearts will surely be a condition that makes you a sad prolonged. The termination of a love affair with a partner, in general, due to the incompatibility of personalities each other. Infidelity is something that did not lose a lot happened so that the main cause of the end of one's love affair. However, you need to know is actually not just infidelity to a male partner being disappointed with their girlfriends. But also, it could be caused by trivial things that are not into the calculations by his girlfriend in general.

The occurrence of trivial problems will certainly make your boyfriend became saturated and tired of living a love affair that should be enjoyed by him. There are some things that are actually very simple but makes guys become unresponsive to his girlfriend. Here are four trivial things that could make a guy leave his girlfriend as quoted by All Women Stalk, among others:

1. Busy with gadget

Technology certainly comes as a necessity which can make the couple can always to communicate. However, the presence of technology with features that are more diverse, of course, it also can be bad for one's relationships. Thereby causing partner have autism gadget. Unwise use your gadget can make one of the partners become addicted and will ignore her boyfriend. The flurry of girls on social networks such as Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Twitter, WhatApp, BBM, Line, KakaoTalk, Skype or chat with their friends when she is with her boyfriend. Surely it is a thing that can make her male partner is becoming saturated even he chose to end the love affair. When you are in this condition, you should change your habits so that your boyfriend does not become saturated with your attitude. Using a time when you are with your boyfriend should be utilized as well as possible.

Guy leave girlfriend

2. Make your boyfriend jealous

When you wish to test how much love and affection of your boyfriend, of course, the bulk of girls would choose to make her boyfriend becomes jealous. That case this, if occasionally done, not at all an issue e.g., interacted with a male friend or ex-boyfriend. However, it will be a problem in your relationship with him when every time you walk with him. You always establish communication with other males in order to attract his attention. It certainly would be a fatal mistake, and can actually make your boyfriend look at you as a slut girl.

3. Stingy nature

The girl has advantages such as better organize their finances or save money, of course, it will create a good impression in the eyes of your boyfriend. However, intelligent guy who can properly assess whether you include the category of frugal girlfriend or girlfriend who has a stingy nature. When your boyfriend assessed that you are as a stingy girlfriend, of course, it can make your boyfriend become lost feeling on you and look at you like a girl who can not enjoy your own life. Girls who think that life should be enjoyed well without having to be rich will be able to make a guy become fascinated with your personality.

4. Drama queen

Drama queen is a term that identifies a girl acting like such a girl playing drama. In most guys will certainly avoid the girl who has a character who is good at playacting or excessively of dramatizing an event or problem. In general, girls who do things like this so that they can attract the attention of their boyfriends. However, you must realize and believe that the habit will be so hated by guys.

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