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4 Ways to avoid the man who gives false hope

Most women who because of their desire for being single for a long time, then they decide to establish a relationship with a man. Worse, it turns out a relationship with a man who is unfaithful and especially not serious to her. It thus indicates that women had been entangled into the seduction of men that included giving false hope. In fact, not a few of them have survived the closeness that exists with those who is a man giving false hope. As mentioned above, even if ultimately be beyond their expectation to have a relationship with the man.

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It thus above has become a fact and also a big question, why most women still choose to survive and deal with such men. According to Ratih Ibrahim, who is a psychologist that women who survive with such men because they have been trapped in their feelings and expectations. ''Either she is innocent or stupid. She deceived by his feeling,'' said the renowned psychologist and became the founder of Counseling and Development Center's PT Personal Growth.

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Surely you do not wish the man that will only make you stuck with your feelings and also your imagination with him. Using common sense is the primary key, so you do not get stuck on such conditions. Therefore, Ratih Ibrahim also conveyed four tips, so you do not get caught, and of course, you can avoid the kind of man giving false hope, which include:

1. Establish criteria for partner

According to the renowned psychologist ''if you know the quality of yourself, you will be able to make the rules you no where. You do not want to any people,'' she said. Therefore, you can take a firm stand in determining the criteria of guy who you want to be your partner later. You have to be realistic with your specified criteria which must know the quality of self who serve as a reference for determining the criteria for your partner. Of course also do not be too high or too low, but were worth it. By doing so, you'll be able to avoid kind of man who will just make your expectations be dashed with him.

Avoid false hope

2. Use common sense

When you've set a partner of criteria regarding the quality of your being, then it will be a trivial thing if it is not followed by using your common sense. Intellect is the greatest blessing given by God to people who are a perfect creature in the world. ''Use it well. Including to see the opposite sex as to what this model. Is he flirting everywhere, love preamble to the people, not a serious man,'' she said.

When you use common sense of the closeness that you live with him, you must first be familiar with both the attitude and the nature of him. Then compare him with attitude and nature of the type of man who only give false hope to the women. It's so you can compare and analyze it against him. By doing so, of course, you can already obtain the results of the analysis is the answer to the question ''whether he is a man who sought to establish a serious relationship with you or he was just a man who will just waste your time with him.'' Using common sense would be the primary key in proving it later.

3. Test him

When you can specify criteria for your partner that refers to the quality of yourself and your common sense, then it's time to test him. You can test him, for example by describing a condition you feel that some relatives are in the hanging state. A taste of your concerns regarding that situation makes you so concerned with your relatives. ''See how he responds. Later analysis,'' said Ratih Ibrahim. Of course, he would provide a response to the conditions experienced by your relatives. Based on the response from him, of course, you can analyze the response he conveyed whether he showed a response to support or not to these conditions.

4. Reinforce yourself

Based on the evidence and the findings of the analysis that you have done against him. If it turns out, you find that he's proved to be just the man who gives false hope to you and your expectations. So Ratih Ibrahim also suggests that you reinforce yourself by setting a time limit on your closeness with him. ''For example, give two weeks to the level where it is. If it was just floating, until forever goes nowhere, dare to be firm with yourself and him,'' she added. When you've done this thing and there's no change. Then it's time for you to further reinforce the self that is by keeping your distance with him. That's because if you still choose to stay in a relationship that is not as obvious as such can cause damage to your mental to the desires and expectations. Thus, you can look at him just being someone who just seize your precious time and ensure that you to stay away from the man.

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