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Mental construct as parents - 4 tips to avoid the psychological condition of your child becoming impaired

In a marriage, a child is one of the greatest gifts for you and your partner. As a gift, the child, of course, must be kept and maintained in order to grow as a human being useful and beneficial for many people. But it is not a new thing if the children often become victims of your selfishness and your partner as parents.

Thousands and even millions of quarrels and divorces cases that occur on the parents often appear in various media both electronic and print. Many experts of psychology or marriage that provide solutions and advice for parents who were involved in a problem. But, there are still many parents who still feel indifferent to things like these.

The child has psychological conditions that should be considered by the parents. Growing up as a figure of a broken home is not absolute fault them. But in this case, parents who had a big hand. There are so many children who grow up with psychological conditions such as broken home and it actually plunged them into big problems such as prostitution, free sex, rebels, and even addicted to illegal drugs and alcohol. It will undermine your child's mental and attitude and it will only make people's lives more and more chaotic.

Mental construct as parents

Actually, things fatal as above can be prevented if you and your partner have had a mental as parents. Not just mentally husband, but mentally parents must also be owned by each partner. It is indeed closely related to the previous article on how the settlement of the problem. Because this is what is sometimes forgotten by many couples if problems were burning each other's emotions.

Try to familiarize yourself not talk about you and your partner in front of your child. And do not let your child hear your shouts or a couple who were bickering. It will make your child curious about what is happening to their parents. Do not blame your child if they are trying to eavesdrop and want to know more about things that are happening. Because it arises because you and your partner can not talk about it in the right place. For you and your partner are experiencing this case, there are some tips that can be considered to have your problem with your partner did not make your child's psychological condition becomes impaired.

1) Trying to prevent and resolve problems.
You and your partner must together be able to hold back the emotions and thinking mature when there is a problem. If the problem does not wish to make your household relationship with your partner to be destroyed, then you and your partner should avoid things that can trigger the problem.

2) Smart to read the situation and conditions.
This is one way you and your partner to keep your child's psychological condition without forgetting the settlement of problem you are having.

3) Do not resolve problems in bed.
This will only make you and your partner feel uncomfortable to rest and it will make your mind can not find the right solution for your problem.

4) Talk about a problem, outside the home or when your child is not at home.
This will minimize the negative effects that might happen to your child.

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