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Some ideas of sensual kiss that you must try!

Remember when you first met your partner and you can not hold your hand (and possibly your lips) not to touch her? If now, you both have become husband and wife and parent of several children. Most probably, you may not have the same desire to kiss her with a kiss like that once you are done. However, the experts say that kissing is the number one thing that makes a woman's aroused. So if you are wondering how to rekindle the flame of love, then you need to read this article!

Sensual kiss

Little intimacy in everyday life can keep your relationship remained hot. Experts said that you should take the time every day to touch and kiss your partner. So occasionally approached your partner to give him a kiss. Just kiss! do not have to particular reason to kiss your partner. Kissing will not only spice up your love life. But kissing will trigger the release of chemicals in the brain that functions to relieve stress and lower your blood pressure. So that you can truly connect with your partner and bring back the spark of love between you both, try the following sensual kiss:
  • A kiss on the ear. Nothing is sexier than a kiss with small bites on the ear.
  • Butterfly kiss. This kiss is also super-sexy, you know. Draw near your eyelash with your partner's eyelash. So that the tip of your eyelashes touching each other and then blink your eyes rapidly. The eyelashes of you both will vibrate together and send a sensual tingling down your spine.
  • Kiss single lip. To conduct this kiss, grab your partner's lower lip with your mouth and suck gently. Hot!
  • Twilight-style kiss. The kiss of death is inspired by the scene where Bella Swan in the Twilight movie, kissed and bitten her neck (gently) by her lover (a vampire).
So if you want to keep your love flame burning brightly, try the idea of a sensual kiss above. Kissing is good for your relationship and your health! Mwah!

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